MOH Adds 8 Places Covid-19 Patients Visited While Infectious On 30 Jul

The Ministry of Health (MOH) added 7 locations to its list of places visited by Covid-19 cases while infections on Thursday (30 Jul).

Although current community cases have trickled down to around 2 this week and new cases are linked to old ones, we should still be aware that the virus is possibly present.

Among the places visited were various F&B outlets, 2 halls, and a Watsons.

Locations include multiple at Hillion Mall

These were the locations added by MOH — for the full list, you can go to MOH’s website.

  • Causeway Point (1 Woodlands Square) on 16 Jul, 1.30-2.10pm
  • Al-Sahira Restaurant (200 Jalan Sultan) on 17 Jul, 3-5am
  • Hillion Mall (17 Petir Road) on 18 Jul, 1.50-5.05pm
    My Briyani House
  • Hillion Mall on 22 Jul, 11.45-12.20pm
  • Hillion Mall on 22 Jul, 2.30-3.40pm
    FairPrice supermarket
  • myCK (478 Tampines Street 44) on 25 Jul, 12.55-2.30pm
  • Bukit Panjang Integrated Transport Hub on 25 and 27 Jul, 1.35-2.30
    Mr Teh Tarik 

There are currently 8 cases linked to the Bukit Panjang ITH workplace cluster, 7 of whom are work pass holders while 1 is Singaporean.

They tested positive for serological tests, indicating past infections.

No need to avoid places visited

MOH has identified close contacts of the cases and isolated them.

As a precaution, those who visited the locations during these timings should monitor their heath for 14 days from the day of visit.


If they develop symptoms of acute respiratory illness, they should see a doctor and tell them of their exposure history.

MOH reassured the public that they don’t need to avoid these locations, as they’d have been cleaned and disinfected.

Do remember to use SafeEntry to check in and out of any locations you visit, as they may be needed for contact tracing later.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps and Google Maps.