Man in China shocked to discover walls in his S$1.9M condo filled with styrofoam

Man discovers condo walls filled with styrofoam, developer responds

A man in Guangzhou, China, spent nearly 10 million yuan (S$1.9 million) on a condominium or condo apartment.

But to his horror, he discovered that the walls in his room were actually filled with large pieces of styrofoam.

Other residents, meanwhile, faced issues with toilet leaks and mouldy walls.

This led to them expressing safety concerns, but the developers said that the styrofoam did not pose a safety issue and should have been removed after construction was completed.

Residents shocked to discover toilet leaks & mould on walls

Guangzhou Daily reported that residents of New World Yunyao in Baiyun District, Guangzhou recently found problems with the quality of their houses.

The residents said that on Tuesday (16 April), the ceiling in the lobby of one of the buildings fell off.

“Fortunately, no one was passing by at the time, otherwise it would have been tragic,” one resident stated.

Another noted that the water pipe above the ceiling burst, causing the lobby to “rain”.

“There was water everywhere,” they said.

Furthermore, several residents discovered water seepage outside their toilets and signs of mould on the wall near the toilets.

According to one resident, the ceiling of her house was damaged because the upstairs neighbour’s toilet leaked.

“Although the toilet has been repaired, I don’t know if it will leak again in the future,” she complained.

Some residents claimed that they had called the maintenance team to repair the toilet several times, but the toilet leakage problem was not solved.

Man discovers styrofoam inside walls

The most unusual discovery was probably made by one homeowner who found his home walls filled with white styrofoam.

What prompted the check was unclear but it was reported that the wall cracked after he punched it several times with his fists.

After peeling off the damaged paint, he found the whole wall covered in styrofoam.

“I reached in and pulled out a lot of styrofoam,” he said. “The foam filling inside was nearly 20 centimetres deep.”

Developer responds to complaints

Addressing the issues, the general manager of the New World Yunyao Project, Wu Jianhai, explained that the ceiling fell because of errors in fire testing operations.

Due to the error, the fire-fighting pressure pump was not turned on per the inspection operating procedures, which caused the water pressure to be excessive.

Meanwhile, the developer claimed that the plastic foam inside the wall was a formwork used during construction. It should have been cleaned after construction, he noted.

Though this would not affect the safety of the main body and structure of the building, it led homeowners to think that the building was filled with foam plastic.

As for the leakage problem in the toilet, the developer admitted that it was a design problem and would fix it as soon as possible.

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Featured image adapted from Guangzhou Daily.

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