SCDF Investigating Alleged Ragging Videos Sent In By Ex-Fireman

With the nation still in mourning over CPL Kok’s death, yet another shocking twist to the narrative has been uncovered.

On Thursday (24 May), Channel NewsAsia reported that they obtained alleged ragging footage sent in by a person who served as a fireman during National Service.


The footage allegedly depicts an officer being “dragged along the floor” and “struggling in a well”.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) is currently investigating the two videos – a 16-sec and 40-sec clip.

Although the videos weren’t released to the public, screenshots of the video were shared in CNA’s post, accompanied by the reporter’s account upon viewing them.

Be warned that the following screencaps you are about to view are extremely disturbing.

Officer dragged by colleagues along the floor

An SCDF officer in a crew T-shirt, work pants and boots is allegedly dragged along the floor by several colleagues in the first video.


Two similarly dressed companions appear to trail them from behind.

Same officer “struggl(es) in a water-filled well”

A second video appears to depict the same officer “plead(ing) with colleagues”.

Upon reaching a flight of stairs, he raises his hands and says,

I’m not doing it.

His companions allegedly ignore his pleas and appear to drag him “by the arms and ear” down the steps.

As they pass a fire engine, laughter echoes in the background.


At some point, we presume the ‘victim’ is made to enter the pump well.

As the ‘victim’ appears to continue struggling within the well with “water reaching up to his neck”, according to CNA.

He also reportedly clings onto the edge of the well, while clutching an SCDF life jacket.

A short exchange allegedly follows,

Unknown officer: You’re still operational you know.

Others: ORD already is it?

‘Victim’: This is deep.

Unknown officer 1: Do you know how deep it is?

Unknown officer 2: Deeper than what I told you.

CNA received videos after CPL Kok’s death

According to CNA, the videos were sent to them after the untimely passing of CPL Kok Yuen Chin, who was found unconscious at the foot of Tuas View Fire Station’s pump well.

The owner of the footage declined to be named but he attributed the clips to events which transpired between Jan-Feb 2017 at the old Jurong Fire Station.

He elaborates on the alleged hazing activities,

These rituals are a real act of nuisance and fun to those who are the bullies. It has never been fun to those who are getting bullied.

SCDF investigates

CNA reports that an SCDF spokesperson has declared that they are “aware of the videos” and have launched an investigation.

They’ve also previously confirmed that they will be introducing harsher penalties to combat ragging activities within the force.

So many questions remain

If ORD celebrations are done to ‘mark a milestone’ or foster ‘team-bonding’, we’re sure there are less extreme ways to go about this.

In the meantime, we hope SCDF’s investigation will turn up proper answers for the countless questions on everyone’s minds.

Featured image from Channel NewsAsia and The Harkless Family.