Super Nintendo World In Japan To Open In Spring 2021, Has Mario Karts & Question Blocks

Our travel plans may have been put on hold in 2020, but things are starting to look up for the coming year. Japan just gave us one more reason to fly to the land of sushi again.

Mario fans, heads up. Universal Studios Japan announced on Wednesday (7 Oct) that Super Nintendo World will open in spring 2021.

Guests can expect realistic Mario Kart adventures and challenging obstacles, according to Japan news site SoraNews24.


Here are some updates for this upcoming Nintendo wonderland.

Super Nintendo World has Mario Kart adventures

Nintendo fans can finally enter the world of Super Mario in spring 2021.

Inside this vibrant wonderland, gamers can navigate through the vibrant mushroom kingdom, punch question blocks, and ride a realistic Mario Kart.


Unlike the Nintendo Switch version, you’ll probably need to be athletic like Mario to conquer these physical obstacles.

A power-up band will also be worn by challengers to play mini-games and team-up with others to conquer boss battles. If you want to take a tour, you can even ride at the back of Yoshi the dinosaur to get an overview of the rides you’ll want to visit.

Last March, theme park enthusiast Alicia Stella shared an aerial photo labelled with the theme park’s attractions, which makes us want to fast forward to spring.

While we wait for more pictures, you can check out these leaks featuring the half-completed version of this ambitious destination.


Mario café & store

Before the grand opening, a Mario café and store will open at Universal Studios Japan’s Hollywood area next Friday (16 Oct).


The Super Mario-themed interior aims to give visitors a sneak peek of Super Nintendo World. Long-time fans will recognise the mushroom platforms, as well as the Venus flytrap and green pipes painted on the walls.


A gift shop will also include shirts, question blocks, and other merchandise so you can grab a souvenir to remember this memorable experience.


Mario-themed menu

To stay true to the Super Mario concept, the café will offer edible Mario and Luigi caps.


Each cap is made of pancakes filled with strawberry shortcake or grape cheesecake.


Pair your sweet dessert with their fruit cream sodas that come with Super Mario and Luigi’s mustaches.


If you lean and sip the cup, you can don their signature facial hair and share a laugh with your companions.


Female fans who want to channel their inner Princess Peach can opt for the pastel pink peach cream soda.


To stay hydrated, you can store your chosen drink inside an adorable Super Mushroom, which comes with a convenient carrying strap.


At the end of your stay, you can carry it home as a memento for your adventures.

Bookmark for next Japan trip, hopefully next year

Super Nintendo World will officially open in spring 2021. The theme park will be located at Universal Studios Japan. You can check out the Universal Studios Japan Twitter for more updates.

Due to the pandemic, we can’t hop on a plane and travel to Japan just yet.

Last month, Singapore and Japan set up green lanes for travel though this is limited to business purposes. Japan is also planning to lift its travel ban to countries like Singapore, but reminds travellers to only travel when essential and necessary.

These latest developments and declining Covid-19 cases make us feel hopeful that we can return to Japan soon.

For now, let’s hope for the best and add this upcoming theme park to our travel bucket list.

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Featured image adapted from Twitter