Temasek Poly Investigates Student For Offensive Posts After Netizens Make Police Reports

TP Student’s Offensive Posts Go Viral As They Depict Racial Violence

In the wake of a 2016 ‘blackface’ incident involving RI students, where the parties apologised, a new case involves serious allegations about a student inciting racial violence.

The 19-year-old student, in a series of Instagram stories, allegedly threatened violence on multiple people as well as described “killing” religious adherents in a dream.

Due to the nature of the posts, we won’t be sharing the original screenshots. Temasek Polytechnic (TP), which the 19-year-old attends, acknowledged the incident and said they’re currently investigating.


Recounted dream of shooting up ‘non-Chinese’

Warning: the following contains graphic descriptions.

One of the posts seen by MS News include an expletive-laden dream description involving:

  • Shooting up an office building
  • Targeting “only” people of a certain religion

The writer claims to remember the dream to its finest details and that it felt “great”.

Another Instagram story describes his plans to:

  • Burn religious scriptures
  • Post the video online

The trend of burning things and violence continue in a previous Instagram story where he threatened to set fire to a studio in his polytechnic and in another, “(commit) genocide” on a major religion’s adherents.

Police reports made, investigations ongoing

Screenshots of the posts began circulating on social media on 7 Jun, leading to some netizens reporting him to the police.

They also pinpointed where he studies, leading to multiple reports made to TP.

On Monday (8 Jun), TP acknowledged the comments and announced that they’re investigating the incident.


We’ve reached out to TP and will update the article when they reply.

No room for hate speech in Singapore

Singapore is a multi-racial country with a diverse set of religions. As such, hate speech and remarks that disparage other races and religions can’t be tolerated here.

Law Minister K. Shanmugam made the argument in a speech in 2019 that allowing such hate speech in the community may normalise such behaviour, thus making it socially acceptable to commit further or worse acts.

It’s sad to see that some hold these views here and we hope others learn that there’s no place for such offensive remarks, in light of what’s going on in the rest of the world.

Featured image adapted from Glints.

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