18 Covid-19 Deaths Reported On 20 Oct, 9 Were Fully Vaccinated

Many Singaporeans were understandably disappointed when the Multi-Ministry Task Force (MTF) announced an extension of the stabilisation phase on Wednesday (20 Oct).

Stabilisation Phase Extended Till 21 Nov, Current Restrictions Will Be Reviewed In 2 Weeks

Just when we thought it was the last piece of bad news for the day, the Ministry of Health (MOH) reported later at night that there were 18 new Covid-19 fatalities, the highest number of casualties on a single day.

Aged 55 and above, all but one of them suffered from underlying medical conditions.

18 new Covid-19 deaths involve patients aged 55-96 years

In an update on Wednesday (20 Oct), MOH reported 3,862 new infections and the passing of 18 patients due to Covid-19 complications.

Aged between 55 and 96 years, the casualties had different vaccination statuses:

  • 8 unvaccinated
  • 1 partially unvaccinated
  • 9 vaccinated

17 of them had underlying medical conditions, which could’ve made them more vulnerable to a severe infection. The sole healthy individual was reportedly unvaccinated.

Over the past 7 days, 63 patients have passed away from Covid-19 complications.

Number of seriously ill patients appears to stabilise

Meanwhile, the number of Covid-19 patients who are seriously ill appears to have stabilised or even subsided.

As of 20 Oct, 337 patients require oxygen supplementation while 67 are receiving ICU care.


Looking at MOH’s chart, the number of patients undergoing oxygen treatment has largely remained constant for the last 3 days. The number of patients in ICU has dipped from a high of 71 cases.

MOH monitoring 4 active clusters at welfare & care homes

MOH is closely monitoring 4 active clusters linked to care and welfare homes across Singapore.

While most of these clusters saw rather modest growth, a cluster linked to Bukit Batok Home for the Aged reported 39 new cases.


Of the 92 infections linked, 90 involve residents while the 2 remaining cases are staff members.

Here are more details on the 3 remaining clusters:

  • Acacia Home – 1 new case, 16 total
  • AWWA Community Home for Senior Citizens – 2 new cases, 21 total
  • MWS Christalite Methodist Home – 1 new case, 115 total

Stay strong & see out the storm

It’s certainly worrying to hear about so many patients succumbing to Covid-19 in a single day.

We hope the extended stabilisation period will help to keep our infection numbers – and accordingly, our death toll – under control.

This is no doubt a challenging period for everyone, but it’s paramount that we solider on and see out the storm that we’re in.

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Featured image adapted from Joseph Thein on Flickr.