29-Year-Old Man’s Blood Plasma Turns ‘Milky White’ After Drinking BBT Daily For Half A Year

Man Who Drank BBT Daily Gained 40kg In 6 Months

When BBT stores were closed islandwide due to stricter measures during the extended Circuit Breaker, many of us were placed on an involuntary milk tea cleanse.

However, this could have very well been a blessing in disguise.

On Wednesday (6 May), it was reported that a 29-year-old man who guzzled BBT and carbonated beverages daily for half a year discovered he had developed a strange medical condition.

The Zhejiang resident’s blood plasma had turned the colour of “milky white” due to high oil content from his over-consumption of sweet drinks, reports Zaobao via Hangzhou News.

Stomach pains from drinking too much milk tea

According to Hangzhou News, Mr Chen – who hails from Zhejiang, China – decided to see a doctor after experiencing severe “abdominal pains”.

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Upon further tests, it was uncovered that his blood plasma had turned “milky white” with the consistency of solidified pig’s oil — aka “like lard”.

His triglyceride levels were also 20 times that of an average person. As for his cholesterol, he reportedly clocked figures that were 4 times higher than healthy levels.

Drank BBT right after exercising

Mr Chen had a prior history of being a sportsman and loved to indulge in his favourite sweet beverages right after bouts of exercise.

These drinks included fizzy drinks and iced milk tea to cool down after sports.

As time went by, Mr Chen stopped exercising as frequently but did not change his drinking habits accordingly.

Gained 40kg in 6 months

Within 6 months of drinking BBT – among other sweet drinks – daily, he gained a whopping 40kg.

Mr Chen’s consistent high-oil, high-sugar & high-calorie beverage intake was a probable cause for the oil content in his blood to skyrocket.

His doctor were of the opinion that his blood plasma’s condition, also known as “hyperlipidemia“, may have been due to “acute pancreatitis” — or inflammation of his pancreas.

Milk tea creamers contain saturated fatty acids

In addition, it’s important to note that commercially available milk tea creamers are often made of coconut oil, which contains a high amount of saturated fatty acids.

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Consuming them in excess may cause increased cholesterol production, and heighten risks of narrowing of our arteries & potential heart attacks.

Everything in moderation, even BBT

So the next time we indulge in our favourite milk tea beverages, we may want to balance the smooth, creamy treat with some much-needed exercise.

In fact, when everything is taken in moderation, you’ll have a peace of mind when it comes to your health.

Most of all, your bi-weekly cup of BBT after the Circuit Breaker lifts may just taste a whole lot better.

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