15 Ex-SAF Officers Now Public Sector Leaders, Agencies Picked From Various Candidates

10% of such appointments are held by such former officers, he noted.

Shanmugam Denies “Stealth Coup” Claims By Thum Ping Tjin In FICA Speech

Other laws hold more power to stage a coup, he noted.

Shanmugam Asks For More Info On Rape Case Claim, Raeesah Cites Confidentiality & Declines

She kept mum even after being pressed 4 times.

MP Gerald Giam Asks For Number Of Ex-SAF Officers Who’ve Held Top Civil Service...

The recent appointment at the ECDA prompted the question.

SDP Proposes 8-Step Pandemic Plan, Calls For Reliable & Predictable Policies

The party claims we need a more stable and predictable plan.

Sun Xueling Accidentally Brings Daughter’s Homework To Work, Netizens Worry For Child In School

We wonder if the press conference files are with her daughter.

Jamus Lim Calls To Relax Mask-Wearing Outdoors As S’pore Residents Are Getting Fatigued

While masks are important, he says our public health policy should also be sustainable.

8 Tan See Leng Facts About The Monk’s Hill Alumnus’ Rise To Ministerhood

He broke his MOH bond to start his own chain of clinics.

Ho Ching & Calvin Cheng Debate In Facebook Comments About Reporting Unlinked Covid-19 Cases

The risks of living in an endemic Covid-19 world.


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