MFA Says Shooting Of Myanmar Civilians Is Inexcusable, Urges Security Forces To Show Restraint

Singaporeans in Myanmar are asked to remain vigilant.

Jamus Lim & Ex-NMP Calvin Cheng Meet Up For Lunch, Show It’s Possible For...

Both men are similar in age and have common friends.

Myanmar Police Deploy Water Cannon After Massive Protests Against Military Coup Erupt

Some protesters have allegedly been hurt.

Jamus Lim Wants To Spark Crime & Rehab Convos, Shanmugam Says We’ve Had Them...

Contributions to the ongoing conversations are welcome.

Police Caution Against Plans To Protest Myanmar Coup In S’pore, Remind Residents To Abide...

SPF caught wind of online posts organising such protests.

US President Joe Biden Sworn In, 3 Generations Of Leaders Were There Except Trump

Meanwhile, Trump had flown to Florida hours earlier.

US President Biden Fist-Bumps Obama To Affirm Bromance At Inauguration

Bros will always be there for each other.

UK Hopes To Turn Into ‘Singapore Of Europe’ To Break Out Of Covid-19 Gloom...

Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin says we've a lot to be proud of.


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