Pritam Singh & Ex-NMP Calvin Cheng Are Old Friends, They Went For Teh-C In...

They're even supporters of rival football clubs.

7 Promises Donald Trump Made As US President & Whether He Actually Delivered

He's delivered on some of his election vows.

5 Kamala Harris Facts, From Successful Advocate At 13 To 1st Female US Vice-President

Ex-president Obama once called her the "best-looking attorney-general".

10 Joe Biden Facts, From Grieving Husband To Oldest President Of The US At...

He was the 6th-youngest senator & now the oldest president.

Keeping S’pore Open For Talents & Business Is Best Way To Protect Livelihoods Of...

Closing Singapore up will create more hardships for our workers.

Tharman Says Biden & Senate Can Work Together For National Interest, Many US Voters...

There's still a chance for change, he said.

Joe Biden Tipped To Win US Elections, After Flipping Pennsylvania & Georgia In Late...

He's best known for being the anti-Trump.

Sylvia Lim’s Parliament Motion On The Justice System Is Amended, All WP MPs Vote...

The motion's meaning was changed, said MP Leon Perera.


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