6 Penal Code Changes That’ll Pass Way Before A 377A Repeal In S’pore

169 Proposed Changes To Penal Code, But 377A Not Part Of It A major revamp is in the works for our penal code, with one glaring exception -- repealing Section 377A, a controversial law criminalising homosexual sex between men. However, the other 169 proposed changes in a 500-page report are open...

Man Countersues PM Lee Over FB Sharing Incident; Hires Lim Tean As Lawyer

Lim Team will defend Mr Leong in court.

PAP Executive Committee Line-Up Sheds Light On Next Gen Leadership

At 66 years old, PM Lee Hsien Loong will be the eldest member on the committee.

7 Facts About Dr Tan Cheng Bock Who’s Returning To Active Politics

The man who never gives up.

Workers’ Party Fan Shares How Low Thia Khiang Helped His Family For 3 Generations

His father and Mr Low Thia Khiang go way back. Now his daughter's role model is Ms Sylvia Lim.

Mahathir Claims S’pore Won’t Go To Court Over Water Price Because She Will Lose

The water agreement has been in effect since 1962.

Single Cockroach On Stair Landing Sparks Friendly Banter Between MPs

Some people are easily triggered by cockroaches.

Han Hui Hui Delivers Baby; Inadvertently Supports PAP’s Childbirth Campaign

She claims she gave birth without doctors and painkillers.


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