Clementi Shop Has Beer From $1.88/Can & Endless Instant Noodle Options For Netflix Parties

New Clementi Shop Has Affordable Drinks & Wide Variety Of Instant Noodles

Let’s face it, with the current set of tightened restrictions, it’s impossible to head out for a party without breaking a slew of Covid-19 measures.

While we see out this difficult period, many of us have instead resorted to having Netflix parties at home, replacing fancy wine and delicacies with unpretentious cans of beer and instant noodles.

Clementi residents who find this relatable would be pleased to learn about a new mama shop with everything they’d need for their stay-home parties.


Stocked with affordable beer and heaps of instant noodles, customers will feel like kids in a candy store as they fill their baskets with pantry essentials.

Clementi shop has heaps of instant noodles

On Friday (15 Oct), Facebook user Charmine shared about the newly-opened store with fellow residents of Clementi.


Named HOSEH MART, the shop has everything one would need to sustain themselves throughout this period of tightened restrictions.

For starters, it’s well-stocked with countless instant noodle varieties — essential for WFH folks who are too lazy to dabao or prepare a meal.


Customers can either opt for familiar brands like Nissin or atas ones like Samyang and Zi Hai Guo (自嗨锅).


Carlsberg & Tiger beer from $1.88/can

HOSEH MART has a wide range of beverages to quench residents’ thirst amid the recent scorching weather.

Those who fancy an cold can of Carlsberg or Tiger beer to quell the heat can get them at competitive prices as part of an ongoing promotion:

  • 1 carton for $45
  • 5 cans for $9.90
  • 1 can for $2.00


Those who prefer something sweeter can consider grabbing soju from just $9.90 per bottle or $7.90 per bottle if they purchase 2.


Hard liquor options are also available from household brands like Johnny Walker, Macallan, Chivas Regal, and Martell.


Affordable non-alcoholic drinks available too

There are also tons of options for those looking for something non-alcoholic, and again, at extremely affordable prices.

Red Bull, for example, is going for $0.80 per can, while other popular soft drinks like Coke and 100 Plus cost just $0.60 per can.


If a single can of beverage isn’t enough to quench your thirst, consider upsizing to this 1.25-litre root beer option, which costs just $1.


We also spotted some rather interesting beverages like these imported from China that have been making appearances in more F&B establishments lately.


Open from 7am-10.30pm

If you or someone you know lives in Clementi and would love to visit the mama shop, here are the deets:

443 Clementi Ave 3, #01-71, Singapore 120443
Opening hours:
Nearest MRT:
Clementi Station

Save the hassle of going to the supermarket

Clementi residents are certainly blessed to have a heartland store with such diverse products within their estate.

The competitive prices and variety also save them the trouble of heading to crowded supermarkets to get their groceries.

Know someone who stays around the area? Tag them in the comments so they know about the new stall in their neighbourhood.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.  

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