Far Ocean Warehouse Sale Is Happening From 11-12 & 18-19 Jan

Besides receiving angbao, the next best thing about Chinese New Year is probably having steamboat reunion dinner with your fam.

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If you happen to be in charge of sourcing for the ingredients this year, here’s a ‘hack’ to keep the highly-anticipated meal friendly for your wallet.

Far Ocean, a seafood distributor located in Jurong, is having a massive warehouse sale over 2 weekends, starting 11 Jan, where you’ll be able to get all your steamboat ingredients at up to 70% off their original price tags.

Picture of the sale from last year

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect.

Far Ocean seafood sale has abalone from $10 per can

Every reunion dinner, there’s one ingredient that gets us all into zombie-like frenzy. That highly coveted commodity, my friends, is abalone.

Abalone of all sorts will be available at the annual Lunar New Year Warehouse Sale.

These abalone soaked in brine will be going for just $10 per can, even cheaper than your mala hotpot that you had for lunch.


Remember to pour the abalone brine into your soup for a naturally sweet broth.

But if you have a ‘deeper’ budget, consider going for these half-shell abalones, which costs $20 for a box of 5.

Image from MS News, from last year’s sale

They also come ready-shelled, so you don’t have to worry about shucking them yourselves.

Premium Hokkaido scallops at $66/kg

As far as mollusks are concerned, scallops are as versatile as they come. You can cook them however you want – grilled, steamed and even seared – and you’ll still end up with a delicious piece of meat filled with flavours from the sea.

These premium sashimi scallops from Hokkaido are going for $66/kg.


They are flash frozen within minutes of being caught and vacuum packed to preserve their freshness.

The folks over at Far Ocean recommend pairing these with tobikko – or fish roe – presumably to amplify the umami flavour.

Crabs of all sorts available at Far Ocean

CNY is a special occasion that calls for ‘special’ ingredients. While you may have treated yourself to flower or mud crab throughout the rest of the year, consider opting for king crabs instead for your reunion dinner.


These beasts are going for $108 per piece.

But if you prefer to not go through the hassle of cracking and peeling the shell, consider getting these king crab legs instead, at $45 per packet.


While waiting to get your raw crab cooked, feast on these pre-fried soft shell crab that only requires basic frying or reheating.


These come with mentaiko mayonnaise sauce and cost $15 for a packet of 4.

Directions to Far Ocean’s warehouse sale

Other steamboat ingredients, such as razor clams, mussels, and even shrimp paste are also available at the sale.

For more information on the warehouse sale, check out Far Ocean’s Facebook page.

With such insane deals and a large array of steamboat ingredients on sale, it’s almost impossible to not feel excited.

Here are some essentials details if you’re visiting Far Ocean Warehouse Sale.

Location: Far Ocean Singapore
Address: 15 Fishery Port Road, Jurong, Singapore 619735
Dates: 11-12 Jan, 18-19 Jan
Time: 9am-5pm

That said, if you’d like to save yourself some pennies off your petrol or Grab expenses, here’s how to get there via public transport.

  1. Get on the MRT and alight at Lakeside station (EW26)
  2. Take Exit A and look for “Lakeside Stn” (B28091) bus stop
  3. Get onboard bus 98 and alight 16 stops later at “Bef Jln Buroh” (B22149)
  4. From there, Far Ocean Sea Products should be a short 350m (4 min) walk away.

Good meals need not be expensive, and CNY steamboat dinner shouldn’t be too.

Now that you know the secret to saving money for your reunion dinner, share the joy and jio your friends down to the Far Ocean’s warehouse sale happening this and next weekend!

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