Far Ocean’s Warehouse Sale Has Up To 70% Off Meats & Seafood For Reunion Steamboats

Far Ocean Warehouse CNY Sale Is Located At Jurong Fishery Port Road

Chinese New Year (CNY) is just around the corner. With that comes arguably the most anticipated meal of the year — steamboat reunion dinner with the fam.

But reunion dinners can be quite pricey, especially if your relatives are high-SES.

Not to worry, Far Ocean is having a massive CNY Warehouse Sale at Jurong over 3 weekends, starting 19 Jan.

With generous discounts of up to 70% on premium seafood and meat produce, this should definitely be your first stop for all your CNY steamboat needs.


Here are 6 deals you shouldn’t miss out on.

1.Black tiger prawn ($20 for 1kg)

Aunties go crazy over tiger prawns, and for good reason. Tiger prawns have a distinctively rich and sweet flavour profile that makes it one of the most desirable prawn species around.

These striped crustaceans are also huge, so you and your relatives don’t have to worry about having your prawn-cravings left only half satisfied.

Additionally, Far Ocean’s tiger prawns come with heads and shells intact, so all the juices from the prawns are going straight into your steamboat broth.

Don’t forget to suck on their heads afterwards for some of that umami goodness — high in cholesterol, but worth every single drop.

2. Sliced barramundi ($10 for 300g)

Fish is a must-have for every reunion dinner. That’s if you believe in the Chinese superstition stemming from the saying ‘年年有余’. Apparently, consuming fish during CNY will bring you prosperity in the coming year.

But when it comes to barramundi slices, you don’t have to be pantang for reason to eat them.

Also known as the Asian sea bass, barramundis are staples for every CNY steamboat.

At Far Ocean warehouse sale, 300g of sliced barramundi will set you back just $10. That means you’ll be able to squeeze more fish into your budget, which will surely make your grandparents very happy — and hopefully give you a fatter ang bao afterwards.

Far Ocean’s barramundi are also thinly sliced to perfection so you can have them cooked in no time.

3. Hokkaido scallop ($20 for 1kg)

Vacuum packed and flash frozen within minutes of being caught, these Hokkaido scallops are the epitome of fresh.

Scallops are also known for their incredible versatility.

You can cook them however you want – grilled, steamed and even seared – and you’ll still end up with a round slab of delicious mollusk.

So if your family’s having steamboat with a grill on the side, pop them on for a sizzle.

4. Half-shell abalone ($20 for 5 pieces)

Fresh abalones are clear upgrades over canned abalones any day. Unlike canned abalones which are commonly submerged in brine, fresh abalones are soaked in their own juices so as to preserve their own natural sweetness.

They also come ready-shelled, so you don’t have to worry about shucking them yourselves.

Some people may not fancy having abalones for steamboat as they take a long time to cook, but that may actually be a blessing in disguise.

See, abalones are jammed packed with umami flavours, so having them submerged in your steamboat soup over a long period will only help to zhng your broth.

5. Kurobuta pork belly ($15 for 300g)

You may have had pork numerous times over the course of your life. But you haven’t tried real pork until you’ve had a taste of Kurobuta pork.

Seen as the “Wagyu beef” of the pork world, Kurobuta pork is much more flavourful compared to regular pork you find at markets.

We highly recommend going for the pork belly, which comprises lean meat and generous portion of fats in between. This way, you won’t have to worry about them turning dry after it’s cooked.

These Kurobuta pork bellies have also been expertly sliced against the grain by Far Ocean’s butchers, making it easy to chew for your grandparents wearing dentures.

Going for just $15/300g, these slices of Kurobuta pork belly are quite the steal.

To maximise your savings, cart out a packet with 9 other items under the ‘Mix & Match’ promotion to pay just $10!

6. Suntory The Chita Whiskey ($79 for 70cl)

Full from the scrumptious meal, your family’s going to retire to the living room where you catch up over lost time.

That’s when you need some alcohol to help smooth over conversations, especially if you see each other only once a year.

For that, we recommend getting Suntory’s The Chita single grain Japanese whiskey.

Japanese whiskies are renowned for their smoothness and mild flavours, and The Chita is no exception.

Complete with subtle notes of mint, honey, and wood spice, this will probably be one of the best-tasting whiskey that you’ll ever find in its price range.

‘Mix & Match’ promotion

On top of the already-discounted prices, Far Ocean is also having a special ‘Mix & Match’ promotion for selected meat and seafood products.

  • Buy 1 selected product @ $15 each
  • Buy 2 selected products @ $12 each
  • Buy 3 selected products @ $10 each
  • Buy 10 selected products @ $10 each + 1 product free

Needless to say, the more you spend, the more you save!

Products eligible for the promotion will have a round golden sticker on them, so keep your eyes peeled at the sale!

You can also check out the full list of selected products here.

Directions to Far Ocean’s warehouse sale

With such insane deals and large array of steamboat ingredients on sale, it’s almost impossible to not feel excited. Truth be told, we’re pretty stoked ourselves!

Here are some essentials details if you’re visiting Far Ocean Warehouse Sale.

Location: Far Ocean Singapore
Address: 15 Fishery Port Road, Jurong, Singapore 619735
Dates: 19-20 Jan, 26-27 Jan, 2-3 Feb
Time: 9am-5pm

Needless to say, the warehouse will be pretty crowded on the weekend of 2 Feb due to the proximity of the event to CNY. So try going down on one of the earlier dates to avoid the crowd.

That said, if you’d like to save yourself some pennies off your petrol or Grab expenses, here’s how to get there via public transport.

  1. Get on the MRT and alight at Lakeside station (EW26)
  2. Take Exit A and look for “Lakeside Stn” (B28091) bus stop
  3. Get on board bus 98 and alight 16 stops later at “Bef Jln Buroh” (B22149)
  4. From there, Far Ocean Sea Products should be a short 350m (4 min) walk away.

Good meals need not be expensive, and CNY steamboat dinner shouldn’t be too. Now that you know the secret to saving money for your reunion dinner, share the joy and jio your friends down to the Far Ocean’s warehouse sale!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Far Ocean Singapore.

Photography by Nadia Loewito.

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