LITerally Online Helps Graduates & Young Working Adults With Job Advice From Industry Experts

As Labour Day approaches in what has been a year unlike any other, employment rates are set to fall. For the young jobseekers among us, there’s bound to be some anxiety over securing a job after graduation this year.

From the lack of a proper grad ceremony to a steadily declining economy — it’s hard not to wonder whether you’ll get to build your dream career.

Thankfully, we can rest assured that some industries are still looking to hire during this period. The next question to tackle, is how best to secure the right opportunities.

Source is offering virtual mentorships during this time, ensuring that graduates can get all the info they need without having to visit a job fair.

There’ll also be online seminars where curious students can field questions to actual professionals on prospective career paths, hosted by Sylvia Chan, co-founder of Night Owl Cinematics (NOC).

Here are the deets on how to ensure your job hunt takes flight online, even as ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures remain in place.

Get mentored by industry senpais on

The portal functions as a useful career resource hub to ease lingering concerns of university students and young adults seeking jobs.

Since is tailored to employment in Singapore, navigating the site will be way more useful than searching ‘How to find a job’ or ‘How to do well in job interviews’ on Google.

Professional mentorships across disciplines are also offered via’s Virtual Mentorship programme.

Here’s a quick look at the industries covered by prospective mentors onsite:

  • Communications
  • Public service
  • Education
  • Human resource
  • Financial services
  • Accounting
  • Business management
  • Energy & chemicals
  • FinTech
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing

Once you’ve decided to participate, you can book a virtual date with your pick of senpais so they can offer timely scoops on how to secure a job just like them.

Rare industry insights catered to local jobseekers

Career guides working with Young NTUC will help enlighten participants on the ins and outs of their industries, sharing rare insights gleaned from their work experience.

Let’s say marketing and digital strategy is the domain you’re most interested in. You’ve also determined that Ms Sally Wong of Yara fits the bill for your mentor perfectly.


Simply chope an appointment with Ms Wong every Tuesday at 1pm on the virtual calendar. After selecting your desired date, you can sign up for a slot — the process is simple and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

This may well be a rare chance to learn about GovTech, Amazon or even Ubisoft from insiders, so don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Selected midweek career insight sessions at 8.30pm

If for some reason you can’t snag a slot with a career guide on, there’s another opportunity available — LITerally Online: Career Insights.

Airing on selected Tuesday & Wednesday slots on Facebook Live, LITerally Online: Career Insights will be hosted by NOC’s Sylvia Chan. Weekly guests will answer questions on topics like required skills as well as tips and tricks on securing employment.

Image courtesy of UX Collective

Via a more casual format, guests will get their burning questions answered on the spot. With Ms Sylvia Chan’s signature brand of humour, we’re sure you’ll be able to learn more and be entertained at the same time.

We can look forward to 2 upcoming sessions in the month of May, featuring a guest specialising in Human Resource (HR) and another in Social Service & Mental Wellness.

Be sure to follow Young NTUC on Facebook & Instagram for the latest updates so you’ll know when they go live.

Access traineeships & virtual career fair info onsite

Besides mentorship programmes, also hosts info for a variety of resources for jobseekers, including deets on virtual career fairs running online in lieu of onsite events.

The SGUnited Traineeships for instance – announced as part of the Resilience Budget in March — grants graduating students in 2020 access to a year’s worth of valuable work experience across various industries via the traineeship.

A pro-tip to secure your entry to a desired job is to always stay on the lookout for job opportunities in evergreen industries like healthcare, early childhood education & security.

May the labour gods be ever in your favour

Times are tough right now for fresh graduates, but there are resources available to help from the comfort of your homes.

Getting acquainted with industry professionals on may also put you in good stead once your virtual graduation ceremonies are held.

Happy job-seeking, and may the labour gods be with you on this journey to employment.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Young NTUC.

Featured image adapted from Pexels via UX Collective.