Meet The Man Who Stopped The Uber Driver-LTA Officer Fight

He’s the hero we need, but not the hero we deserve

So, most of us know about that scuffle between that Uber driver and LTA officer in that video which went viral. However, speculation of who actually started the fight are still rife.

But never mind that, because we met up with the good Samaritan who rushed to stop the fight at 0:11 as seen from the video below.

He is Mr Dew Francis. And he LOVES his Fedora.

The Good Samaritan

In every story there’s always a kind soul out there to help make peace, and 23-year-old Mr Francis — or Dew, as he’s better known — is that man in this case.

If you watched the video, you’ll notice that Dew rushed in to stop the fight at both occurrences. The first occurrence when the officer kicked the driver, and the 2nd one where the driver got hit again when he made his way to the officer.

He was a true hero though, he didn’t even stop to check for his own safety. The two men were in the midst of fighting, and he could have gotten hurt, but yet he went ahead to stop the fight.

He didn’t even stop to worry about his fedora.

How selfless and heroic.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I wish I could have reached the scene a little earlier. If you watch the video closely, I only reached when the Uber driver received a right blow from the LTA officer. He (Uber driver) knocked out after that. I could have stopped that punch, but I just wasn’t fast enough.”

At least you managed to help stop the fight in the end. Your efforts have been well appreciated nonetheless!

Dew also told AsiaOne that the video did not tell all of the story.

“I saw the Uber driver trying to enter the taxi lane, but the LTA officer tried to stop him.

The Uber driver then winded down his window and started shouting at the officer. Both of them started to argue and the LTA officer turned his back at him and went back to work.

The Uber driver got out of his vehicle and wiped his number plate and called the officer to summon him. The officer ignored him at first but he started to get angry.

The Uber driver then whispered something at him and the two started to fight and shout vulgarities at each other.”

Dew also feels that the LTA officer might have the short end of the stick in this case.

“However, we need to know what the Uber driver whispered to the officer and get both sides of the story before firing the officer.”

The fedora is key

Btw remember that fedora we mentioned earlier? That magnificent fedora that Dew sported throughout his stint as peacemaker?

Turns out Dew is pretty particular about his headdress.

“I hate people touching my hats. I dust it before I wear it every time. Even if the feather is crooked, I will adjust it. I would even use hairspray to keep it straight.”

However it didn’t really seem as if he cared about his fedora, or his life for that matter in the video.

But now that we know how important his fedora is to him, it just shows how selfless he was. Once again, thank you for sacrificing both your life and fedora for the sake of 2 barbaric men :’)

Dew is the Digital Planning Manager at integrated marketing agency DSTNCT, and he is @dewdropzz on Instagram. So if you wish to find out more about this hero, check him out maybe?


Thank God for such nice human beings. :’)

Who is at fault for the fight?

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With reference from AsiaOne
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