Singtel And Spotify Have A Secret Deal Nobody Knew About… Till Now

A Secret Deal?

So as of 25th February, Singtel will be the first local telco to launch a new plan that allows customers to stream music without incurring additional local data charges.

The telco announced it’s latest service — Singtel Music — on Thursday (25 Feb), which will allow customers to subscribe to a premium account from Spotify, KKBOX, or AMPed, and stream and download music without busting their data allowance.

Wait…so Singtel customers will be able to stream Spotify Premium for free.. while the rest of us commoners have to pay for data?

Yup, pretty much.



That’s not all

On top of these benefits, Singtel Music will be available to all Singtel postpaid customers at S$7.90 per month with a 12-month contract or S$9.90 per month with no contract.

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So if you were to compare this with the $9.90/month usual cost for a Spotify Premium subscription,


It might seem like a small amount, but when added up, the difference in numbers are pretty significant.

But there’s always a catch

The only downside to this deal, would be being tied down to a 12 month contract. However, one would save $2 each month compared to non-Singtel customers, so that would mean a total of $24 saved a year, for data free music streaming on the world’s leading online music streaming platform.

That’s not bad actually… IT’S NOT BAD AT ALL.



Basically, Singtel is

Singtel is bae

But what about the rest of us non-Singtel users!? WE WANT SUCH SWEET DEALS TOO.

Well, if you really want it, you should know exactly what to do…



Jokes aside, as the saying goes, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

You might be wondering,”but how can this deal be flawed in any way?”


Singapore telcos have a reputation for slow 3G/4G connections, especially when users are travelling underground in trains. And thats usually when people will be listening to music — travelling.

While it’s great that there’ll be no data charges, everything free comes with a price.

Since Singaporeans LOVE freebies, many will subscribe to this plan for the free data.

This also means more people will be streaming using the same data, which will lead to a SLOWER DATA CONNECTION — and thus result in a compromised Spotify Premium experience.

And since you’ll be tied down to the plan for 12 months… well… GOOD LUCK M8.



While this is just an opinion, it might not be true as well, but we suggest you to consider this before subscribing, or making the big move from a different telco, just for this.

The Verdict

This deal will definitely be a great deal for those who love listening to music, AD FREE MUSIC GUYS.

But it is important to weigh the pros and cons of this deal, because everything is simply not what it seems.

So to all you salty non-Singtel customers, don’t be salty. In times to come, these “lucky” Singtel customers, might not be that lucky after all.



With reference to Channel NewsAsia

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