Sorry Ladies, Suave Poster Boy Of ‘Shop Theft Is A Crime’ Campaign Is Officially Off The Market

She liked it, so she put a ring on it

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Does he seem familiar to you? You may have seen him in his police uniform outside supermarkets, provision shops and other retail outlets. How can you miss out on such an iconic person right? He’s the only police on duty 24/7, whether rain or shine :’)



In fact, many women have even swooned over the more than 800 standees of Assistant Superintendent (ASP) Ryan Koh who became the Singapore Police Force’s poster boy to fight shop theft more than a year ago.

Unfortunately ladies, this cop who has been bestowed the nickname “Yan Dao (which means handsome in Hokkien dialect) policeman” is officially off the market. :’)

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A Facebook post made on Saturday afternoon (2 Apr) read “Sorry ladies…poster boy is taken today”, and included two photographs of ASP Koh with whom appeared to be his bride, both gamely posing alongside the famous standee.

How cute is that :’)


According to AsiaOne, we have learnt that the bride’s name is Sabrina, and that she too is a police officer.

A couple fighting crime together, if that isn’t #relationshipgoals then we don’t know what is.

Now let’s look at some reactions to the post.

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Nice one Ben. Who knew a police officer could be a thief too :’)

Another one mentioned that his wife was so sadddd.

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Well we hope she won’t be as sad anymore Mr Chen Ks, poster boy has found a new home instead of loitering around the random mama shops and supermarkets.

In a New Paper report published on 18 Feb last year, ASP Koh said that he rarely gets recognised in public probably because he does not “wear the peaked hat and do that (stern) expression all the time”.

This means that one might have walked past him and NOT EVEN KNOW THAT HE WAS HIM.



He added that friends and family update him whenever his standee was featured in new memes. He also said that he felt that the standee was a “new and unconventional method” of getting the word out on crime prevention.

Bright Future

Who knows what else is in store for this cute justice fighting power couple? Maybe a couple standee in stores island-wide? That would be cute wouldn’t it?

Check out this cute video of their wedding here!!!

We wish both Mr and Mrs Koh a happily wedded life!



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