Mobile Legends Party Went Virtual This Year With Free Hero Giveaways & Fan Contests

Mobile Legends Party Finger Dance Contest Entertains Fans During ‘Circuit Breaker’

Attempting to lead a regular life while social-distancing hasn’t been easy. But we now know that staying at home has its perks — like nutritious home-cooked meals & spending quality time with the fam.

Easy access to our mobile devices & wall sockets also means that the gamers among us are ever-ready to join open jios for Mobile Legends (ML) brawls.


Besides ensuring that servers were able to withstand the influx of gamers, the Moonton team also went above and beyond to make their Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) 515 eParty memorable, though pop-up cosplay events weren’t possible this year.

Here’s how May 2020’s free hero giveaways, finger dance-offs & an epic Team MY vs Team SG showmatch – though fully virtual in nature – still managed to entertain fans this ‘Circuit Breaker’.

Keeping the ML spirit alive with a free new hero

To encourage Mobile Legends fans to stay home, both in-game and online events were launched in quick succession to keep the spirit of the game alive.

Festivities were kicked off with giveaways — free battle emotes & recall effects culminated in the gift of a brand new hero named Luo Yi to all players.

Image courtesy of Mobile Legends

She’s the game’s first geomancer – harnessing the power of yin & yang – to specialise in crowd control & dealing massive damage at a distance.

Fans were able to add her to their roster simply by logging in on 16 May.

Heroes celebrate Hari Raya in Raya fanart contest

With Raya festivities just around the corner, a fanart contest summoned the inner manga artists within us to imagine how MLBB heroes would celebrate Hari Raya.

Image courtesy of Mobile Legends

As for us, we’re definitely recruiting the nimble assassin Fanny to help dress the top of our windows in festive lights around the house.


Badang’s iron fists will also come in handy to tenderise rendang beef cubes into bite-sized pieces for the fam too.

‘Finger dance’ contest with cash prizes

This year’s designated theme song Party Legends came with 2 surprising musical challenges — an original song, dance or instrumental cover contest, and a finger dance battle.

The TikTok ‘finger dance’ in particular, struck a chord with many fans who posted multiple covers on social media. Even resident YouTubers Jian Hao Tan and Night Owl Cinematics joined in the fun and tutted to their own renditions of the finger dance.

Winners are expected to be announced soon, and they’ll walk away with cash prizes of S$3,557.45 (US$2,515) in total.

Image courtesy of Mobile Legends

To express their gratitude to fans, Moonton has made free WhatsApp stickers available here, as well as this profile frame on Facebook, which you can display as a show of support.

Friendly Team Malaysia vs Team Singapore showdown

With travel limited between countries, re-igniting our friendly rivalry with our Malaysian friends who’ve returned home has still been possible via online games.


In the spirit of friendly competition, Team Singapore vs Team Malaysia’s MLBB showdown – pitting 2 full teams of tanks, save for a lone Selena – was livestreamed on 16 May in an all-star tournament on Facebook.


Hilariously named 2019 champions Unstable Network also pitted their thumbs against PVP Ambassadors Asterisk* in a nail-biting finale which you can rewatch here.

Image courtesy of Mobile Legends

Dee Kosh was also spotted joining in the fun as he hosted a Mobile Legends livestream and rewarded fans with up to 10,000 in-game diamonds.

While we await the end of ‘Circuit Breaker’, you can follow Mobile Legends on Facebook to get firsthand news on the latest patches & heroes.

A time that’s healing for everyone

Thanks to the wonders of technology, hanging out with our friends has still been possible — anywhere we are in the world.

We can also count our blessings for having extra time to spend with our loved ones IRL, and in-game friends online.

For making it this far into the ‘Circuit Breaker’, we definitely deserve a pat on the back. As for the rest of us, the end is truly in sight with just 9 days to go.


We’ll leave you with an encouraging quote from MLBB’s most optimistic healer, Rafaela. May the rest of our ‘Circuit Breaker’ continue to be a time that’s healing for everyone!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Mobile Legends.

Featured image courtesy of Mobile Legends.

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