NOC Co-Founder Sylvia Allegedly Caught Using Abusive Language Towards Staff In Leaked Audio

NOC Co-Founder Sylvia Allegedly Used Abusive Language In Leaked Audio Clip

Being a public figure often means having one’s every action under close scrutiny of the public. Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) co-founder Sylvia Chan probably knows that all too well as her channel often garners countless viewers.

But it seems like she has come under the spotlight recently for the wrong reasons after allegations surfaced about her using abusive language towards employees.

Additionally, other allegations of Sylvia discriminating against an employee and attempting to ‘manufacture’ her exit have also emerged.

NOC co-founder Sylvia allegedly described talent as “f*ck face”

In an Instagram post on 7 Oct, @sgcickenrice, an anonymous account, shared a screenshot of text messages allegedly from Sylvia, describing an NOC talent named Samantha as “f*cking annoying”.


The same page uploaded other screenshots of “receipts” that allege she dropped the F-bomb multiple times when describing her sentiments towards the talent.


Here’s a snippet of one such conversation shared by the IG account.


For those who may not be familiar with the scene, Samantha was the winner of kNOCk Out Season 1, a talent scouting show produced by NOC.


The messages were apparently sent in Feb 2020, mere days before the final episode of kNOCk Out aired.

The Instagram page also shared a recording of someone, whom they claimed to be Sylvia, requesting an “exit strategy” for Samantha, whom she described as a “b*tch who’s f*cking dumb”.

Some have since questioned if the comments were discriminatory in nature.

It’s unclear if or when Samantha parted ways with NOC, but she last posted with the Instagram hashtag #nocpartners on 27 Aug.


kNOCk Out participants rally in support

Since then, other contestants from kNOCk Out have taken to social media to share their interactions with Samantha and express their disapproval over the comments made.

Chantelle spoke about Samantha’s character and said she did not deserve the distasteful comments.


Nicole, another contestant from kNOCk Out, echoed similar sentiments and attested to Samantha’s hardworking and caring personality.


In addition to standing up for Samantha, Grace also shared about the former’s love and passion for kids.


Other allegations involving Sylvia’s use of abusive words towards staff

Apart from the comments explicitly directed at Samantha, @sgcickenrice also shared other receipts allegedly of Sylvia using abusive language towards anonymous staff.

This screenshot reportedly shows Sylvia describing someone as being “f*cking retarded” over what appears to be a script issue.


Other screenshots also allegedly showed a WhatsApp user named “Sylvia NOC” dropping the F-bomb over text when requesting for work to be done.


On one occasion, she allegedly described influencers as being “stupid” and later clarified that she actually meant “not so smart”.


MS News has reached out to Sylvia, Samantha, and others who commented on the issue for a statement. We will update this article accordingly when they get back.

No need to resort to hurtful words, no matter the situation

Though these allegations remain unverified, it’s disturbing to imagine someone on the receiving end of these hurtful words.

Furthermore, comments like these not only do not improve the situation but also exert further strain on the relationships.

If the accusations are indeed true, we hope all parties involved will be able to settle their differences amicably and will communicate more professionally moving forward.

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Featured image adapted from YouTube and sgcickenrice on Instagram.

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