M’sian Boy Works As Rubbish Collector To Support Family, Wants To Secure Younger Siblings’ Future

20-Year-Old Malaysian Boy Works As Rubbish Collector To Support Family

In these trying times when putting food on the table becomes increasingly difficult, some have had to turn to less ‘desirable’ jobs to secure their family’s future.

One such job is a rubbish collector, but to a 20-year-old from Malaysia, it is simply an honest living that allows him to support his family.

rubbish collector support family

Source: TikTok

Since dropping out of school six years ago, the 20-year-old has worked full-time.

He and his elder sister are the main breadwinners of their family, which also comprises their mother and three younger siblings aged between eight and 13.

Apart from his day job, the young man also uploads videos documenting his experiences on the job, one of which went viral with 1.4 million views to date.

Boy working as rubbish collector says he has to be the ‘father’ of his family

In the video, the boy named Wan could be seen working hard and spending simple moments with family, such as enjoying KFC together.

@_garbageman🥰♬ suara asli – rere munthe

Via onscreen text, he expressed that behind all the hard work is a son who has to be strong to take up the responsibilities of a father.

He also showed a clip of his young sisters enjoying desserts, while writing that he also works hard to see them grow up with abundant love.

rubbish collector support family

Source: TikTok

That said, he confessed that he would not be this strong were it not for his mother.

Speaking to mStar, he shared that while his father is still alive, he does not feel comfortable talking about him.

In fact, he was motivated by his mother to start working, as she does not earn enough from her job as a babysitter.

Boy’s mother initially reluctant to let him quit school & work full-time

When he first spoke out about quitting school, Wan’s mother was reluctant as she wanted him to have an education.

“But in the end, she agreed with my decision. I should be working because I am the oldest son, and I still have three younger sisters in my care,” he said.

rubbish collector support family

Source: TikTok

Fast forward to today, Wan has now been a rubbish collector for nearly two years with a waste management company in Pahang, Malaysia.

His elder sister has also followed in his footsteps, having dropped out of school aged 16.

Initially, Wan had advised against it as she was a year away from graduating high school.

Nonetheless, she was equally determined to support their family and now works at a supermarket.

Boy is contented as a rubbish collector & has no plans to switch

When asked why he decided to work as a rubbish collector, Wan said he does not mind it and is not picky about his work so long as it is halal or permissible.

Additionally, he knows he does not have as many options due to his limited education.

Regardless, Wan said he is happy in his current job and has no intentions of switching to another.

At this time, he simply wants to focus on work and ensure his younger siblings can receive a full education.

As such, he would not think about resuming his studies for the time being if the opportunity should arise.

“Let them keep up their studies and carry on their brother and sister’s ambitions,” he said.

May Wan have the chance to pursue his own ambitions one day

Wan’s sacrifice for his family is invaluable, and how he has stepped up for them is a testament to his great maturity.

As necessary as his role now is, we hope he has the chance to chase his own dreams one day.

In the meantime, we wish him and his family all the best, and may they look forward to easier times ahead.

Separately, a garbage collector in Singapore revealed that he earned S$5,000 a month. He admitted that although it might be embarrassing to say he collects garbage for a living, it is at least an honest one.

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