SIT Student Confirmed With Covid-19 Currently In Stable Condition

UPDATE (8.39pm): SIT revealed that the afflicted student is a Year 3 Telematics student, based in [email protected] campus. Read more on their update below.

Students from Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) were understandably shocked this afternoon, when they received a student advisory that was different than usual.

The email, dated 21 Feb, reads that an SIT student has been confirmed with Covid-19.

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Fortunately, the student’s condition is currently stable.

SIT student diagnosed with Covid-19

According to the advisory seen by MS News, the school has been informed that a student has been diagnosed with Covid-19.

They are currently working closely with authorities to carry out contact tracing.

All staff and students who made close contact with the virus-stricken student are immediately given a 14-day Leave of Absence (LOA).

SIT said they would continue to keep tabs on the health conditions of those on LOA.

Confirmed case is Year 3 Telematics student

In a media release, SIT informed the public that a Year 3 Telematics student, based in [email protected] campus, tested positive for the virus.

He has no recent travel history to China, and is linked to Case 82 under Ministry of Health’s record — i.e. Singapore’s first patient with dengue and Covid-19.

The student was last on campus on 14 Feb late afternoon, and has not come into contact with any other student or staff since he reported an onset of the symptoms.

He alerted the school as soon as he was confirmed with the infection.

Earlier today, SIT had also deep-cleansed and disinfected all lecture theatres, seminar rooms, and laboratories used by the student.


They have already increased frequency of cleaning all campus areas and facilities to 3 times a day since DORSCON Orange, and this will continue.


SIT added that students are currently on their recess week. You can read the full release here.

School has stepped up cleaning regime

In such times of uncertainty, it can be quite alarming to find out that a person in your social circle has come down with a viral infection like Covid-19.

Thankfully, SIT was quick to act on deep-cleansing and disinfection. So that students may return from their recess week and resume studies with a peace of mind.

In the meantime, MS News wishes the Year 3 Telematics student a speedy recovery.

Featured image adapted from SIT.