5 Standing Desks In S’pore That Care For Your Posture While You Work In Style

Standing Desks To Relieve Aches

As working from home becomes the new norm for many of us, we might realise that sitting for hours in front of the computer can be uncomfortable.

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Taking short breaks to walk around may be unproductive, so the only solution is to switch your sitting position. Instead of staying seated, working upright will help stretch your legs, and some have turnd to standing desks to help solve this.

With features that allow you to adjust according to your preferred height, these standing desks will give you the mobility you need to make work less draining.

1. Omnidesk Pro 2020 — quick adjusting & cable storage

Adjustable furniture are usually quite bulky, but the Omnidesk Pro 2020 Series is nothing like that.

Standing on 2 sturdy legs instead of 4, it leaves ample space on the ground for accessories like your CPU or any other decor you’d like to add.

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You can probably fit a chair of any size under the desk too, but there’s no need for that if you can work while standing up.

Simply push a button and you can adjust the height to anywhere between 60 to 125cm.

The improved mechanism means you can do that a lot faster than most other adjustable desks out there. No wires will get in the way either, as the Omnidesk has a cable management tray and mounted power bar to keep all the pesky cables out of sight.

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No need for mouse pads, as the powder-coated tops are good enough. But if you’re not into black or white, Omnidesk also comes in a solid wood finish for that sleek, atas look.

Omnidesk variants start from $329, and you can get yours via their website here.

2. SKARSTA by IKEA — neat & minimalist design

If you’d prefer something more simple, you can fall back on Swedish furniture giant IKEA. The SKARSTA is slim and simple, which fits the minimalist style in trend right now.

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With a manual crank you can fix on either side of the desk, left or right-handers can easily adjust the desk’s height between 70 and 120 cm.

For only $399, it’s a reasonable price to pay to upgrade your workspace. Check out purchase or delivery options here.

3. Fitfit — electric desk extension

If you find replacing an entire desk too much of a hassle, you can use Fitfit’s innovative solution to extend your existing desk’s height — an electric desk converter that can literally take your desk to the next level.

A mere press of a button will steadily move the work surface up from 13 to 43 cm, on top of your current desk’s height.

It also comes with 2 levels, so you can keep your screen and keyboard separate. That’s so much space in 1 nifty contraption.

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As you can tell, the 80-cm wide table leaves a lot of room for extra items, like a second screen if you need one.

The table tops can also be flipped over to a different colour on the other side, so you’re basically buying 2 tables for only $368 on Lazada.

4. DeKorea — smooth & silent mechanical adjustment

Mention an electrical desk and you’d probably imagine a noisy, robotic machine. But this desk by DeKorea on Lazada is far from that.


Its basic features are similar to other desks of its kind, though DeKorea pays close attention to noise reduction.

You can expect little to no mechanical sounds as the operating noise is below 50dB, and every start or stop ends softly, so your table won’t jerk.


Pressing the touch-sensitive buttons will be such a breeze, your desk will rise smoothly like an airy cloud.

DeKorea retails for $629 on Lazada, though you can get it for as low as $560.50 during the mid-year festival sale from 18 to 25 Jun.

5. Hollin — compact mobile computer table

For those who prefer something fuss-free, you can check out this mobile standing desk by Hollin on Shopee. Wheels for legs mean you can move them around whenever you get bored of your current workspace.


From the office chair to the sofa, you can manually adjust the table height using the pedal on the side to what suits you best, within a range of 75 to 105 cm.

This will be useful even on weekends, when you want to sit back in bed with a good book and a cup of coffee.


It looks pretty basic, but for some, that may be enough. This is the cheapest option of all the standing desks we’ve covered, the Hollin Mobile Standing Desk on sale at a discounted price of $236.64 on Shopee.

Switch up your working style with cool standing desks

Even though you have to stare at the computer screen for hours, at least you can keep the rest of your body moving by making your workspace more flexible.

Get yourselves any of these standing desks and make your work-from-home experience more enjoyable.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Hollin.

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