Yishun Cats Find New Home As They’re Living In Unsafe Environment

While in the process of cleaning a senior citizen’s flat, some volunteers realised that there were also furry companions living there.

However, the flat was swarming with cockroaches and it wasn’t a conducive living environment for the cats, said the volunteer.


As such, they wanted to look for a place for the cats while they clean the house.

Thankfully, many stepped up to offer shelter and eventually, a foster parent was found.

Senior’s house left in poor state

The volunteer shared that the senior citizen lives in Yishun alone with no family support.

Additionally, she is scheduled for an eye surgery and may not be able to take care of her 2 cats.

In 2 pictures shared by the volunteer, the cats are living amidst a cockroach-infested home.

Warning: Not for those who get the heebie-jeebies when seeing cockroaches


The house is teeming with cockroaches, both dead and alive, while the cats don’t look groomed.


Volunteers sought foster parents for Yishun cats

As the volunteers determined that the cats weren’t living in a conducive environment, they sought help on social media for someone to take them in.

Although they contacted a few animal shelters, as well as agencies like AVF – likely referring to the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) – and NParks, they were unable to find anyone.

Thus, the social media plea.

Netizens stepped up

Within a matter of day, several people stepped up to offer their fostering help.


It speaks to how gracious Singaporeans can be if someone is in need of help. Many didn’t hesitate to volunteer to take care of the cats.

Hopefully home owner and cats are okay

As mentioned, the volunteers are going to declutter the flat as it’s presumably not in a good state.

We’re lucky that the house is being cleaned and that the cats managed to find somewhere else to live. Kudos to the one who stepped up to save the cats.

Otherwise, their continued exposure to the house clutter may have an adverse effect on their health.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.