Rescue Cats Urgently Need New Home Before Owners Return To UK From S’pore In Jul

Cats Need New Home In S’pore As Owners Can’t Bear To Bring Them On Long Flight To UK

Having a roof over our heads is a privilege not only humans appreciate — animals do too.

A pair of rescue cats in Singapore have been enjoying a blissful existence with their British owners until recently. Having to return to the United Kingdom (UK) due to Covid-19, the humans can no longer care for the felines.


As they really want their fur kids to find a proper home, they’re appealing for a kind soul to take the cats in soon.

Owners have to return to the UK amidst a lot of uncertainty

Buckley and Vidal are kitties that a British lady and her companion adopted while living here in Singapore.

Judging from their gorgeous appearance, there’s no doubt that they’ve been well taken care of and showered with love.



Sadly, their owners can’t afford to extend the care as the Covid-19 situation back home in the UK has forced them to return in July.

On such short notice, they have no time to make arrangements to bring the cats with them, neither can they afford to.


They are unsure if they can even find a home for themselves there, let alone one that can accommodate the kitties.

They also think that bringing the cats on such a long flight won’t be the best idea. Returning them to the animal shelter is out of the question.

Cats desperately a new home in the next month

None of their contacts can help, so they turned to the Internet instead, posting an appeal on Facebook page Adopt Dogs and Cats In Singapore yesterday (5 Jun).

One of the owners explained that Buckley and Vidal are siblings, hence, rehoming them together would be best.


Here are other endearing and useful facts about the kitties:

  • Both are 2 years old & in great health
  • Very affectionate (Vidal even plays fetch)
  • Love cuddles & attention
  • Fully litter-trained
  • Neutered

All their essential items like litter trays and toys will be handed over from the owners for free, so you won’t have to spend too much on new ones.


We don’t know about you, but they sound like dream pets to us, and who can say no after seeing this super adorable photo?

Show some kindness to animals too

While we’ve seen lots of kind acts towards the community during this trying period, we can’t say the same for animals.

Let’s show some compassion towards them too as they try to survive, and offer help in whatever way we can.

If you or anyone you know are keen on adopting these kitties, you can reach out to the owner via Facebook here.


We really hope they’ll find a new, loving home soon, so they can continue playing and living happily together.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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