Doctors Cleared 58-Year-Old S’porean Of Covid-19, She Fought On For A Week Later Before Passing

When case numbers are floated in daily Covid-19 updates, it may not register immediately just how many human lives are touched by grief upon their passing.

This is the heartbreaking story of Case 703, a 58-year-old Singaporean lady who is the nation’s youngest Covid-19 casualty.


She’ll always be remembered as a dedicated mother of 3, grandma to 5 young grandchildren and loving wife to her husband of 38 years.

Ms Salha Mesbee’s powerful story was covered in BERITAmediacorp’s interview on Monday (4 May). You can read the full interview here.

Caught coronavirus on honeymoon to Turkey

Ms Salha had no prior health history and her passing on Thursday (30 Apr) marked the 15th Covid-19 death in Singapore.

All other casualties involved patients who were aged 60 to 95 years old.

She had caught the coronavirus along with her husband of 38 years on a long-awaited honeymoon holiday in Turkey back in end-March.


Two of their sons – one of whom shared their home – eventually caught the virus as well.

Virus progressed rapidly to kidneys & liver

Ng Teng Fong Hospital was where the family recuperated till everyone but Ms Salha was given a clean bill of health.

Their matriarch, however, suffered multiple complications and was admitted to the ICU as the virus progressed at a rapid pace — including symptoms like weak lungs and low blood pressure.

But the family continued praying for her recovery as the infection swiftly spread to her kidneys and liver.

Cleared of Covid-19 week before death

Just 1 week before Ms Salha’s passing, her daughter received a call from their doctor that her mother was given the all-clear from the virus.

Ms Noraisah told BERITAmediacorp,

The struggle with COVID-19 is over. We are happy that Mama is no longer COVID-19 positive.

Sadly, the joy was short-lived. Ms Salha’s battle was not over yet.

Grim diagnosis & lingering farewell

Even though the virus had been eradicated from her body, her condition got progressively worse as it had “entered her brain”.

The doctor delivered a grim diagnosis after a CT scan of her swollen brain proved that she was “brain dead”. Ms Salha was placed on life support, but the family later made the difficult call to “let her go”.

Sending their mother off on her last journey

Thankfully, Ms Salha had been cleared of Covid-19 by doctors and her family was allowed to bid her a fond farewell in a normal funeral.

Her brave fight against Covid-19 will always be remembered as she was a “highly respected, active and friendly” member of the community.

Leaves behind 5 grandkids & a husband of 38 years

The family shares that her passing has left a hole in their hearts, in particular, the husband she’s left behind.


They had embarked on their first honeymoon in 38 years since creating their family, before tragedy struck.

As to how her father’s coping, Ms Noraisah shared,

Mum always goes everywhere with him. We’re taking care of him, giving him the support he needs to move forward.

Remembering those who’ve fought the good fight

Ms Salha’s story is one among many other families who’ve been struck by tragedy with the passing of core members of our community.

While we continue to monitor the situation, let us send our support to the 25 patients who remain in ICU. May they all emerge victorious from their ongoing battles.

As for Ms Noraisah and her family, the nation is with you in this time of grief. May Ms Salha rest in peace.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.