S’porean Lady Shares What It’s Like To Live With 28 Different Personalities

She never lets her traumatic past define her.

12 Lessons Learnt From Bike-Sharing Companies’ Failure In Singapore

Can Han Hui Hui get our deposits back?

Artillery Unit Soldier Deployed In NZ Shares How It’s Hard To Balance SAF Safety...

It's hard to strike a balance sometimes.

S’porean Father Shows Unconditional Love By Supporting His Daughter’s Life Choices

A touching tale of unconditional fatherly love.

CNA Documentary Shows That The Class Divide Is Real In Singapore

The Class Divide Only Gets Worse In Our Schools "If you have the most expensive things, you're the most popular also." This is how one lower primary student feels about the rich and the poor in her school. So what exactly was "expensive" to the student? Smiggle pencil case, Smiggle bag, whatever...

Wheelchair-Bound Delivery Man Asks For Directions On Bus, Met With Painful Silence

Honestbee Delivery Man Treated As 'Invisible' On Toa Payoh Bus How far would you go to help a stranger in need? A kind-hearted netizen shared a heartbreaking story on Facebook about a scene he witnessed on Monday (24 Sep) in Toa Payoh. An Honestbee delivery man in a motorised wheelchair was met...

Netizens Play Blame Game Over Alleged Illegal Parking Summons

Viral Video Shows Lorries Allegedly Booked For Illegal Parking There's a new video getting netizens hot and bothered. This time, it concerns movers unloading their goods along Sembawang Crescent, a 2-lane road. In a Facebook post that has now gone viral, netizen Zheng Han Pua posted a video of lorries unloading...

4G Leaders Can’t Command Respect Like “LKY Generation”, Says Netizen

Netizen's Nostalgic Post About Lee Kuan Yew's Generation Leaders Goes Viral A man named Gerard Ong recently shared his take on why our 4G leaders can't command the same amount of respect as LKY's generation. Here's what he had to say in a lengthy 1000-word recount posted on Saturday (29 Aug). We...

Singapore Clears Lutong Trademark Despite Adidas’ Objection Due To Similar Logos

Singapore Rules That Adidas & Lutong Trademarks Look More Dissimilar Than Similar So, Adidas tried to prevent a Taiwanese company from registering its trademark here in Singapore, but failed. South Korea, Hong Kong and Germany have disallowed Lutong from using this symbol. Here's what happened. A trademark war In 2015, Lutong Enterprise applied to...

6 Things About Peranakans In Singapore That ‘Little Nyonya’ Didn’t Teach You

Peranakans In Singapore - Wedding Specialists & Kitchen Gods Abound Many of us know that Peranakan men are called Babas while the women are known as Nyonyas. We play host to many Peranakans in Singapore, and enjoy their beautiful architecture, which have sometimes been dubbed as the "Chinese Baroque". "Chinese Baroque" Source But beyond...



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