8 Reasons Going To IconSiam Is Like Visiting All Of Bangkok In One Mall

An indoor floating market, theatre & the entire Siam shopping district in one mall.

This Building In Outram Is A Secret 14-Storey IKEA For Furniture Hipsters

Go full hipster and shop for home decor at Tan Boon Liat Building.

Whampoa BTO Flat Transformed Into Minimalist Japanese Heaven

Built by HDB or MUJI?

This $54/Night Marble Hotel Makes Us Want To Train To Busan Right Now

Alabaster walls and floors fit for a king.

EagleWings Cinematics Is Officially Singapore’s Highest SES Movie Theatre

They have actual massage chairs in the lounge.

7 Reasons R&F Mall In Johor Bahru Is Basically City Square 2.0 For S’poreans

Has high-SES theatre & massive supermarket.

8 Haunted Places In S’pore Converted To Regular Spaces Because We’re Practical AF

Do you remember the Pasir Ris Red House?


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