Kanchanaburi’s Idyllic Lakeside Resort Offers A Breathtaking Stay On A Private Lake

Near a waterfall with hidden limestone caves.

Sizeable Crowd Forms As LKY’s Body Is Brought Into The Istana

Large crowd gathered to watch hearse bearing LKY's body enter Istana Below are a few compiled videos and pictures of the moment. https://twitter.com/Likeablonde/status/579876238526824448 https://twitter.com/leishachi/status/579869683920195584 https://twitter.com/CorrieTan/status/579871714625994752 https://twitter.com/JackBoard/status/579871991735320577 https://twitter.com/chinhon/status/579874350125322240 That's quite a sizable crowd for a Monday. https://twitter.com/STcom/status/579872770877591552 https://twitter.com/TODAYonline/status/579875335539286016/   https://twitter.com/YahooSG/status/579870217502871552 https://twitter.com/YahooSG/status/579865723113078785 Oh look, the two girls in front are in these shots too: https://twitter.com/amandaleetoday/status/579868037605556224 Credits go to the respective account holders. Some cheering observed While such occasions is...

3-Hr Mattress Warehouse Sale At Sims Avenue On 19 Jan Has $69 Beds

A good night's rest needs a good mattress.

Woman Finds Maggots In Quail Eggs; NTUC Responds To Claims

Maggots are probably the last thing you hope to see in your quail eggs.

Influencer Melissa Koh Reveals Her Pregnancy In Joyful Instagram Post

Melissa's kid will share a zodiac sign with Ms Han Hui Hui's child.
zara online

ZARA Launches Online Shop In Singapore, So Get Ready Your Credit Cards

Online Shopping With ZARA We all have those days when stepping out into the world of human interaction seems like a complete chore worth zero percent of our time. Need food? We have Foodpanda and Deliveroo. Need makeup? There’s Colourpop and Sephora online. Obviously, we’re pretty spoiled for choice when...

10 Singaporean Billionaire Heirs Who Are Also Surprisingly Accomplished Individuals

Show me the money, money, money Born with a silver spoon in their mouths. And one day, the silver will turn into gold when these scions succeed the throne and inherit a billionaire’s empire. However, contrary to Hollywood’s portrayal of heirs and heiresses, these successors aren’t loafers but have instead made their...

Sabah Earthquake: The Good, The Facts, And The Ugly

The day the mountain shook With search and rescue operations in Mt Kinabalu winding down, we bring you the good, the facts, and the ugly of the Sabah Earthquake. The Good When the earth and mountain shook, the first rescuers, according to Australian tourist Vee Jin Dumlao, were the mountain guides. Fearing possible...

14 Food Places Open All Year Round, EVEN ON PUBLIC HOLIDAYS

Boycott McDonald's and burn your stash of instant noodles You do not need them anymore. During the public holidays, almost every place imaginable will be closed. Sometimes it can get really bad on festive occasions like Chinese New Year or Christmas, where your hawker aunties and uncles are off for a...



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