Candidates For Cleaner Job In Singapore Required To Work 6 Days Per Week

Let’s face it, it’s rare for anybody to enjoy being a cleaner.

And chances are, your parents probably warned you about how dirty and laborious the job is to motivate you to study harder.

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Turns out, the job of being a cleaner isn’t a job that’s reserved exclusively for the less-educated.

On Tuesday (3 Dec), a job listing was posted on an unnamed Telegram group looking for 50 “cleaners” in Singapore.


There’s nothing unusual about that, but wait till you get to the requirements. To land the job, the candidate must be a degree holder.

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.

Candidate for cleaner job must work 10-12 hours per day

In addition to the degree requirement, candidates must also work 6 days a week for 10-12 hours per day.

Female candidates who land the job must also ensure that their hair is visible at all times.

In return, the job pays S$2,400 per month, which is way above the pay of S$1,400 a cleaner in Singapore typically receives, according to Indeed.

Walk-in interviews for the job were held in JB on Thursday (5 Dec).

Candidates are required to manage facilities in addition to cleaning them

Following a brief investigation, MS News identified the person who posted the listing as a man named Mr Yob.

According to him, the job title “cleaner” may not be entirely accurate as the job scope is similar to a facility service specialist.

In essence, candidates are also required to manage and take care of facilities on top of cleaning them.

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The job looks open to both Malaysians and Singaporeans. The degree requirement, however, only applies to Malaysian candidates, says Mr Yob.

As of the time of this article, vacancies are still available.

Those interested in applying for the job can drop Mr Yob their resumes at +6011 1183 9975.

No harm applying for the job

While the S$2,400 may not be an ideal pay for graduates, given how hard it is to land a job now, perhaps it’s wiser to be in a meh job than not being in one at all.

So if you’ve been on the lookout for a job but have not been successful, perhaps you can consider applying for this first to tide over tough times.

Featured image adapted from A1 Cleaning Services