COURTS Has Up To 20% Off Google Nest Devices Till 19 Oct

After hours of hustling from our Work From Home (WFH) offices, we often barely have energy left to unwind after a long day.

So you may feel a tad paiseh to ask bae to retrieve the remote control, right after you’ve both plopped yourself onto the comfiest nook on the sofa for a Netflix – and no chill – session.

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But If your SO isn’t in the vicinity to come to the rescue, the Google Assistant – albeit a virtual one – could do the literal legwork for you.

Now, pair that with Chromecast for your living room’s TV, kick back on your couch with some popcorn & simply ask Google to play the last Stranger Things episode you stopped at.

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The good news is that you don’t have to be a billionaire entrepreneur to own this smart home set-up, as COURTS is having an exclusive sale on all Google Nest products till 19 Oct.

Here’re the deets on how to help your home help you work smart, and play hard even as WFH arrangements continue beyond Phase 2.

A compact speaker with big sound

For some of us, Work-From-Home hasn’t exactly been a breeze. Trying to tune out your neighbour’s kids’ laughter or your sister’s important presentation to her boss in the background can be tricky.

That’s where a soothing lo-fi playlist will help filter ambient noise out — something your Google Nest Mini can help you with.

Google Nest Mini – $79
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With double the bass from first generation Google Home Mini speakers, let Blackpink’s party anthems cue exactly when it’s time to panggang.

Way to impress your kakis when they’re heading over for Sunday gatherings with a simple voice command of, ‘Hey Google, play my Sunday list’.

Share what you’re watching on mobile with the fam on TV

Cinephiles among us will know that mobile displays aren’t nearly enough to fully capture how your talented oppa lights up the silver screen.

But with the Chromecast, you can stream Netflix movies and shows directly onto the fam’s TV screen.

Google Chromecast – $65
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Sounds like a good way to convince your mum to ship your fave couple in that 60-episode drama you’ve been following since ‘Circuit Breaker’.


If you prefer to control home devices hands-free, consider bundling your Nest Mini with Chromecast $109 (U.P. $144) at COURTS.

Google Assistant keeps your hands free & your plans organised

Back in the office, your boss may be the only person with a Personal Assistant (PA) to keep track of his or her tasks.

When you’re solo chionging an urgent project, an old-school notebook organiser may not cut it anymore since your colleagues have mostly gone virtual.

Google Nest Hub – $129
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That’s why the Google Assistant can provide a little help to keep track of all your Meet calls with colleagues to drive your WFH productivity.

Summoned with a cheery “Hey Google, what’s my schedule?” via a sleek Nest Hub, it’ll read aloud everything from your route to work, to calendar events so you can spare your eyes the usual half-lidded squint.


We’re sure WFH will improve by leaps and bounds, once your schedule is all laid out thanks to your very own intelligent device.

If that’s the kind of work-from-home productivity you seek, COURTS is offering a Chromecast and Nest Hub bundle for $159 (U.P. $194).

Stay online in all corners of your home

Taking video calls in your bedroom might sound like a good idea, until you realise 5 minutes in that your WiFi signal isn’t strong enough.

Enter the Google Nest WiFi, which provides seamless and reliable Internet access anywhere in the house.

Google Nest WiFi router – $229
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Connect it to a Nest WiFi point in any room you need a stronger Internet connection, and you can go online without a glitch.

Google Nest WiFi point – $199
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If the meeting’s getting a little too intense, play some chill tunes on the Nest WiFi point which doubles up as a speaker to soothe your soul.

Since you’ll require the WiFi router and point in a pair anyway, COURTS’ $419 (U.P. $493) bundle with the Chromecast basically gives you the third device for free, and a $9 discount.

Zhng your WFH space at COURTS till 19 Oct

COURTS will be having a limited sale on all Google Nest products both online and in-store till 19 Oct, with deals you can’t find anywhere else.

The Google Nest Mini and the Google Nest Hub will be on sale for up to 15% off, so you can get a little hands-free help around the house.

Better still, get either of them or the Google Nest WiFi along with a Chromecast in special bundle deals, as an early Christmas gift to yourselves.

The exclusive promo is ongoing at all COURTS stores and their website, which you can visit here. A full list of all their physical stores is available here, if you intend to make a quick trip.


Online orders of at least $200 will entitle you to free delivery, which you can easily achieve by purchasing a few of the Google devices.

Convince your boss that WFH is better

The ideal balance of work and play is what makes WFH more productive for everyone.

Creating an environment that’s conducive for both work and relaxation is exactly what you’ll be able to do when you have a Google Nest device.

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Once you’re calm and fully focused, getting work done will be a breeze, and you’ll have no problem proving to your boss that WFH is better than adding the peak hour commutes to your plate.

2020 has been a year of vast changes — let more flexible work arrangements be one of the lasting ones.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with COURTS.

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