49 More Covid-19 Cases On 27 Mar, New Cluster Emerges At SingPost Centre With 3 Infections

Singapore Reports 49 New Covid-19 Cases On 27 Mar, Country Now Has 732 Cases In Total

The Ministry of Health (MOH) reports 49 new Covid-19 cases on Friday (27 Mar), 22 of them imported and 27 local cases.

A new cluster at SingPost Centre has also been identified with 3 cases to date.


Of the 27 new local cases:

  • 18 are linked to cluster or previous clusters
  • 9 are currently unlinked and contact tracing is underway.

5 more cases today are linked to the Fengshan Sparkletots cluster.

Singapore now has a total of 732 confirmed cases. 11 more patients have also been discharged from hospitals, bringing the number of recovered cases to 183.

Of the 549 remaining cases, 17 remain in critical condition and are warded in the Intensive Care Unit. 2 of them have, sadly, succumbed to the disease last Saturday (21 Mar).

S’pore Reports First 2 Covid-19 Deaths, Both Were Above 60 & Had History Of Heart Disease

3 cases linked to new SingPost Centre cluster

The 3 cases linked to the new SingPost Centre cluster are Cases 581, 689, and 724 who are SingPost employees.

According to SingPost, a contract staff tested positive for the virus on Wednesday (25 Mar) and was last at the facility last Thursday (19 Mar).

Subsequently, 2 other full-time employees tested positive for the infectious coronavirus on Friday (27 Mar).

SingPost claims that the 2 full-time staff are not postmen and do not come into contact with members of the public in their line of work.

5 more new cases are also linked to the PCF Sparkletots centre in Fengshan — Cases 705, 706, 707, 708, and 716.

2 of these 5 new cases linked to the preschool are aged 13 and below.

Another 3 more new cases are linked to the Dover Court International School cluster — Cases 686, 713, and 729. 

Here’s a breakdown of the new cases:





Fine or jail if you don’t practise social distancing

Earlier today, it was announced that anyone who intentionally sits or queues less than 1 metre away from another person could be fined or jailed under the Infectious Diseases Act.

Purposely Sitting Or Queueing Less Than 1m Apart Now An Offence, You Could Get Jailed & Fined

In addition, MOE also announced that Singapore schools introduce 1 day of home-based learning per week and that dismissal times will be staggered.

S’pore Schools To Have 1 Day Of Home-Based Learning Per Week, Dismissal Times Will Be Staggered

Speedy recovery to the infected patients

While the decreasing number of cases might bring relief to some Singaporeans, the emergence of a new cluster and the increasing proportion of locally transmitted cases are causes for concern.

MS News wishes the infected patients a speedy recovery and that they will be discharged from the hospital soon.

For the rest of us, remember to maintain good personal hygiene and to avoid social gatherings during these uncertain times.

Featured image adapted from CapitaLand

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