Singaporean Mum Claims She Was Supposed To Receive 66 Diapers, But Only Got 34

The expenses incurred when raising a baby can be astronomical, with diapers and formula milk easily costing parents upwards of $200 a month.

Thus, it’s no surprise that some parents try to find other ways to allay the costs. A Singaporean mother named Ms Chiam recently came across a Telegram listing giving out free diapers.

Interested in getting some for her child, Ms Chiam approached the lister to enquire about the giveaway but later claimed that she received half the number promised. She also received a fake GoGoVan receipt for the delivery.

On Tuesday (3 Sep), Ms Chiam took to Facebook to share her experience. Here’s her post in full. Warning, it’s quite a lengthy one.


Mum approached Telegram lister for free diapers

According to the post, Ms Chiam found the listing on a Telegram channel named “Singapore Freebies by Sharetings”.

She proceeded to contact Ms Toh – the person who apparently posted the listing – to enquire about the delivery charges.

Ms Chiam was allegedly told that she would have to pay $12 for postage and handling fees.

She shared in the post that she thought that the fees were justified as she assumed she would be receiving 7 hefty packs of diapers each containing 66 pieces, suggested by the picture of the huge packaging below.


She also asked if it was possible to switch to another courier which charged less, but Ms Toh apparently refused and insisted on using her preferred courier company — GoGoVan.

And so they proceeded with the transaction.

Allegedly for diapers delivery fee

But things started to turn weird here on out.

Ms Toh apparently provided Ms Chiam with an estimated date and time of arrival. However, Ms Chiam claims that the package did not arrive as scheduled.

When the package arrived, Ms Chiam was also surprised that there were only 34 pieces of diapers, and not 7 packets containing 66 pieces each, which she assumed initially.


Ms Chiam confronted the lister but was informed that it was only a “blessing package”. We aren’t sure what exactly that means, but we presume it’s a partial package.

Ms Toh then allegedly blocked Ms Chiam on the messaging platform.

Following the incident, Ms Chiam did some investigations of her own and found that the GoGoVan receipt that she received was allegedly fake.

Here’s the copy that Ms Chiam received:


And here’s what it’s supposed to look like.


On Thursday (5 Sep), a GoGoVan employee commented on the Facebook post and revealed that the physical receipt template shown to Ms Chiam has not been used for a few years.


Nonetheless, she reassured Ms Chiam that the company will conduct a thorough investigation on the case.

Be attentive when it comes to similar transactions

Kudos to GoGoVan for responding to Ms Chiam so quickly and addressing the concerns.

While this remains a one-sided account at the time of writing, perhaps we can all learn to be more attentive and vigilant when it comes to similar transactions to avoid getting ourselves into unnecessary trouble.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.