Telegram Channels In Singapore For The Best Lobangs

Many kiasu Singaporeans enjoy haggling for discounts & seeking the best value for money. This doesn’t just happen IRL, but also on Telegram channels in Singapore.

Long queues are forming because of the powerhouse app for ‘1-For-1 Deals’ and ‘80% off’ promotions all across Singapore. You just need to know exactly which to follow.

We’ve scoured the far reaches of the app to bring you 10 Telegram channels to give you minute-by-minute updates on the best deals, job opportunities and news.

1. SG Food Deals

Singaporeans are all foodies, it’s literally embedded in our DNA. From hawkers to atas high-end restaurants, you are able to enjoy great dining deals, promotions and discounts.

You can save more money when you make use of channels like this, where they share curated food promotions such as Starbucks 1-For-1, GrabFood promo codes and free Old Chang Kee curry puffs. In other words, you get more bang for your buck!

Unleash your inner foodie and you’ll be able to enjoy discounted meals despite being a low-SES millennial.

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2. SG Cab Promos

If you’re tired of trying promo codes that don’t work, SG Cab Promos can help you stay updated on the latest available cab promotions and promo codes.

This channel shares discount from all the local cabs and private hire cars, such as Gojek, Grab, Ryde and ComfortDelGro.

When you are rushing for time, you don’t have to source high and low for a promo code anymore. Simply subscribe to this channel and receive the latest promo codes on-the-go.

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3. SG Student Promos

All students enjoy the privilege of holding a student pass, the all-powerful student pass opens doors to many lucrative discounts — $7 movie tickets at Cathay Cineplexes and Golden Village, student meals under $10 at Pastamania & Pepper Lunch.

In short, adulting can be made easy as long as you know how to hack your allowance.

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4. SG Travel Promos

SG Travel Promos is a channel with the latest promotions ranging from fare deals, hotels promotions & travel activities.

Travelling isn’t expensive as it used to be thanks to budget airlines, but every dollar counts when it comes to saving on airfare — aka getting more cash to splurge on trinkets for the fam.

If you’re always camping on Tuesdays for Scoot airfare promotions, Jetstar’s Friday Fare Frenzy, 1-for-1 airfares or even $0 airfares, you don’t have to click ‘Ctrl + F5’ on these sites anymore! This channel automatically tells you when the airline ticket you’re keen on getting is up for a major discount.

Simply turn on push notification for this channel, and you will be able to receive up-to-the-minute promotions.

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5. SG Budget Babes

Financially speaking, makeup can be quite expensive.

One item might not break the bank, but the combined cost of all your makeup products will spillover to your next paycheck. Since a regular Sephora palette can easily cost $50, here’s a secret that will let you look pretty without burning a hole in your pocket.

SG Budget Babes shares the latest beauty and fashion deals. They also share promo codes for various e-commerce sites, warehouse sales and discounts from local blogshops — take for example, sitewide 30% discounts on ASOS or up to 80% off Kate Spade Flash Sales.

A literal god-send for all you girls – and guys – who wanna look sharp, but are also sharp enough with their pursestrings and wish to spend at the right times.

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6. SG Weekend Plans

There is nothing to do in Singapore!

Many of us will be guilty of saying this statement once in a while. This channel is here to prove you wrong.

Make the best of your weekend with this curated channel sharing the latest exciting activity to do and events to attend. From the latest fairs, to scare events in town like SG:Digital Wonderland, Haw Par Thrilla and Sentosa Pokemon carnivals.

Now you can be the most happening friend in your clique and not have to say ‘bojio’ everytime you’re late to the party.

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7. Seedly Personal Finance SG

This platform shares valuable content for many young people who are interested to start managing their money but don’t know how to do so.

As a confused millennial, I find this platform especially useful for managing my finances.

Just like a personal finance assistant, this channel constantly keeps you updated on the latest happenings — stock analysis, investments, HDB BTO launches and credit cards comparison.

Remember to show it to your mum so she’ll stop asking you,

Eh, when then you start to save money ah?

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8. WerkWerk SG

There are plenty of channels sharing job opportunities locally, but this channel stands out because it caters to many early career job-seekers in Singapore.

They share curated and useful job opportunities for many fresh graduates looking for full-time and internship positions. Apart from that, this community even shares career hacks and does polls to help fellow members answer their burning questions.

You’re not alone in this! This channel can be helpful for all the fresh graduates out there despite the harsh economy.

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9. SG Concerts

This is the perfect channel for blur sotongs who tend to miss concert ticket sales.

Say goodbye to sentiments like this,

Aiya, I missed out on the Jay Chou concert ticket sales. And I cannot afford to pay $600 to buy on Carousell.

With a consolidated list of latest concert announcements, you will be able to receive timely notifications on the upcoming ticket sales.

You don’t have to wait till next year to catch your favourite singer or artiste anymore.

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10. MS News

We cover news Singaporeans can relate to, sharing engaging and relevant content to our readers.

With news at your fingertips, you will be able to stay abreast of what is happening. More than just articles, we also share hilarious memes and videos as well.

Do check us out if you haven’t!

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Telegram channels to rule them all

From having value-for-money meals, buying big-ticket items at discounted rate, to receiving timely updates on the latest event to attend. The benefits are endless.

Besides, we subscribe to the policy that all good lobangs must share!

With all these bao ka liao (all-in-one) channels that every millennial needs, it’s safe to say that the all-powerful Telegram app helps makes adulting easier.

Stay woke and make informed decisions with all these Telegram channels. Hurry join the channels, and tag your friends to jio them as well!

Disclaimer: Some channels featured in this article are listed under the TSL Media Network.

All images courtesy of Telegram and MS News.