8 Part-Time Student Jobs To Feed Your Wallet During The Holidays

8 Part-Time Student Jobs To Feed Your Wallet During The Holidays

Earn Cash With Part-Time Jobs So You Can Buy Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Christmas

The end of the year is approaching, which usually means one of two things – having to buy gifts for Christmas or planning a vacation.

If you’re a struggling student, you may be scrambling to find the money for those expenses. Part-time jobs are the best way to earn a quick buck without committing to a deskbound, paper-shuffling internship.

No need to ask around for lobangs as MS News has picked out eight no-experience-needed jobs that you can dive into right away.

1. Food delivery partner

The pandemic saw exponential growth in demand for delivery services, so you can never go wrong with venturing into this line of work.

Even without a motor vehicle licence, you can opt for other modes of transport like cycling or walking.

Pay: Up to S$25/hour

Things to note: Working hours and location are flexible — although some companies may require that you make a certain amount of deliveries in the first few weeks.

2. Grocery shopper

If you find walking through grocery stores therapeutic, this will be more of therapy than a job for you. Basically, you’re shopping for a customer who doesn’t want to leave their house.


Pay: Up to S$12/hour

Things to note: Shopping is done in two to three-hour time slots. Like food delivery services, the hours are flexible, and you can choose the areas where you’ll do the shopping.

3. Bubble tea barista

Those who drink bubble tea should be familiar with what goes on in the store. Someone reads the orders on the screen, scoops the pearls, pours the milk or coffee or tea or what have you, and the automated shaker gives the finishing shake.


Pay: Up to S$12.50/hour

Things to note: Requires at least a three-month commitment, with duties often involving cashiering, stocktaking, maintaining cleanliness, and opening or closing the store.

4. Kitchen crew

Having no experience probably means that you’ll start by preparing the simpler dishes a few hundred times a day — our writer’s friend fried a few hundred eggs a day when he first started work at Marina Bay Sands. Also, since you’re lowest in rank, you’ll likely be relegated to dishwashing quite often.


Pay: Up to S$25/hour

Things to note: The kitchen is not for the faint of heart — it is smokey and stifling and can sometimes get extremely stressful.

5. Retail store assistant/manager

As with any retail job, you’ll have to smile and welcome customers and see to their inquiries. On top of that, you will also have to manage inventories and arrange merchandise in the store so everything looks presentable. Operations may vary from store to store, but you get the drift.


Source: Blake Wisz on Unsplash

Pay: Up to S$15/hour

Things to note: You may have heard horror stories about unruly customers, but they’re probably less common than you imagine. On the bright side, you may get staff discounts on the store’s merchandise.

6. Telemarketer

You probably know what it’s like to receive a call from a telemarketer. Those of us who’ve caved to their convincing sales tactics would know that all it takes is a little persistence to succeed.

Source: pressfoto on freepik

Pay: Up to S$15/hour

Things to note: You’ll have to be persistent, or thick-skinned as we like to call it, because some companies may only pay you based on successful calls, which means that you’ll have to close deals.

7. Data entry/administrative clerk

Someone tells you to put something down in the Excel sheet or Word document, and you type it in at a rough speed of 50 to 60 words per minute. It doesn’t sound very stimulating, but the good thing is, most data entry jobs have flexible working hours. So if monotony is killing you, you can always decide not to work for the day.

Pay: Up to S$12/hour

Things to note: You have to type fast and accurately. Speed is the name of the game here. And also, you have to be comfortable sieving through lots of information all the time.

8. Events/banquet assistant

The tasks will vary depending on what kind of event you’re helping at. Most of the time, they will probably be quite physical, with the occasional interaction with a curious or clueless customer.

Pay: Up to S$13/hour

Things to note: The job can get quite tiring, so make sure your health is up to the mark. If you have friends who are free, get them to sign up for the job with you — it will make things a lot more fun. But if you don’t, you can probably make some new ones there.

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Land part-time jobs & earn money this holiday season

Whether you’re in it for the money or the experience, having a part-time job over the holidays will be a productive way to use your free time.

Besides learning new skills and expanding your horizon, you’ll also have some extra cash for your personal expenses.

Of course, not having to ask mum or dad for money will certainly be a proud accomplishment.

An item in this listicle was brought to you in collaboration with Shopback.

Featured image by MS News and adapted from TheSmartLocal.

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