Domestic Helper Crying In Viral Video Taken To The Embassy By MOM

Alone and sometimes helpless in a foreign country, there aren’t many sources of comfort a domestic helper can turn to.

This is why a warm and welcoming home-cum-work environment is imperative to their welfare. But the occasional cases of abuse are a cause for concern.

A helper in a video that went viral on Facebook recently claimed in between sobs that her employer only let her have one meal a day.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) decided to intervene after the video received over 4,000 shares since its posting on Friday (4 Oct).

Domestic helper claims employer mistreated her

The video, which appears to be an exchange between the helper and a lady who can converse in Bahasa Indonesia, details the mistreatment that she allegedly endures.

With tears streaming down her face, the helper claimed that she only gets to eat one meal a day. When asked if she was feeling weak, she could only nod and cry.


She also complained of lack of sleep, as she had to wake up at 5am every day, or her employer would splash water on her and threaten to cut her pay.

The employer supposedly acted on that threat whenever a member of the family fell sick. When asked why, the helper explained that her employer accused her of “bringing germs”.

Employer allegedly showed no mercy

According to MOM, foreign domestic workers (FDWs) are entitled to a weekly rest day.

Unfortunately for the poor helper, her employer allegedly did not let her leave the house on weekends, presumably to prevent her from running away.

She also apparently couldn’t contact her family in Indonesia to check in on them.

Not knowing what else to do, the helper desperately wants to transfer to a different employer. The kind lady behind the recording graciously offered to contact MOM, before the video clip ends.

MOM investigating the case

MOM confirmed on Monday (7 Oct) that they have stepped in to investigate the case. So as that is happening, let us refrain from speculating the matter or even castigating the employer. After all, we’ve only heard one side of the story.

MOM has since relocated the helper to the Embassy until they decide on the next course of action.


MOM also took the opportunity to remind all employers to treat their FDWs with care and consideration, as they deserve to enjoy their rights too.

We hope that this case will come to an amicable resolution, and that the helper will find a new home where she can work safely and peacefully in.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.