East Coast Lagoon Food Village Will Close For Renovation From 2 Nov 2020

East Coast Lagoon Food Village is a popular makan spot among those who love an outing at the nearby beach.


But its convenient location isn’t the only draw. See, the hawker centre is also home to some pretty famous stalls too.

But in slightly more than a month’s time, hawkers at the seaside food institution will be taking a break as it closes for renovation.


So if you’re a fan of the famous duck rice or carrot cake, do head down before its 3-month hiatus.

East Coast Lagoon Food Village to close from 2 Nov 2020 to 1 Feb 2021

According to the National Environment Agency (NEA), East Coast Lagoon Food Centre will be closed for 3 months from 2 Nov 2020 to 1 Feb 2021.


The closure will allow for renovation and other repair works to take place.

East Coast Lagoon Food Centre last underwent renovation works in 2013, just 2 months after a massive blaze ravaged 4 stalls located there.


Repair works cost approximately $1.5 million then, and the food centre was closed for a similar period of 3 months, reports The Straits Times.

Famous duck rice, carrot cake, and satay stalls

East Coast Lagoon Food Village houses many famous hawker stalls.

But the stall often with the longest queue would be Zuo Ji Duck Rice, which serves braised duck with rice and porridge.


Its sour chilli sauce complements the braised sauce perfectly, cutting through the thick and gooey concoction so you don’t get jelak too quickly.

Another famous stall at the hawker centre is Lagoon Carrot Cake, which as its name suggest, serve radish cakes fresh from the grill.


Warning, the wok hei is pretty generous with the black and white variant, so chances are you’ll likely want to have a second plate.

East Coast Lagoon Food Village is also home to numerous satay, chicken wing and BBQ stalls which open till late at night.


Our food-obsessed colleagues have also compiled a list of their favourites here.

Head down before it closes

If some of your favourite hawker stalls are located at the seaside food centre, better head down in the near future before its temporary closure.

Are there any new features that you’d like to see at the revitalised Lagoon Food Centre? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

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Featured image adapted from Google Maps