Election Candidates Must Wear Masks When Taking Photos

Earlier last week, the Elections Department Singapore (ELD) outlined a series of measures that election candidates and parties must follow if the elections were held during Phase 2.

Some of these include the introduction of e-rallies and Constituency Political Broadcasts (CPB).

No Physical Rallies If GE Happens In Phase 2, Watch Political Broadcasts On Channel 5 Instead

On Wednesday (24 Jun), more details were released regarding these new campaigning procedures, as well as other guidelines.


Constituency Political Broadcasts will air from 3-7 Jul

According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), the new Constituency Political Broadcasts, which are a new ‘feature’ this election, will air from 3-7 Jul.

This means there won’t be any CPB for the first 3 days of the nomination period. Here’s a reminder of how the GE2020 timeline will look:

The pre-recorded broadcasts will be shown on Channel 5 from 7pm so you can probably listen to the candidates’ speeches while having your dinner.

As previously reported, each candidate will be given 3 minutes of airtime for their CPBs.

This is split into:

  • An SMC candidate gets 3 minutes’ airtime
  • A 4-member GRC team gets 12 minutes as a whole (3 minutes per individual)
  • A 5-member GRC team gets 15 minutes too (also 3 minutes per individual).

Parties with 6 or more candidates eligible for Party Political Broadcasts

Political parties with 6 or more candidates will qualify for Party Political Broadcasts (PPB), reports CNA.

These broadcasts will be shown on 19 TV and radio channels on 2 Jul and 9 Jul — the latter happens to be Cooling-Off Day.

Livestreaming venues available for ‘rent’ at $107/session

ELD has also provided more details on the venues where candidates can conduct their live-streaming from.

According to CNA, 10 of such venues will be made available from 1-8 Jul at the following timings:

  • 7-10am
  • 12-3pm
  • 7-10pm

Each time slot costs $107, which comes to around $36/hour.

It is not compulsory for candidates and parties to hold rallies in these venues, as stated by ELD previously.

No high fives and fist bumps between election candidates and voters

To prevent the potential spread of the coronavirus, ELD also reminded election candidates to practise safe distancing when conducting physical campaigning.

In its most recent advisory, ELD told candidates not to perform fist bumps and high-fives with supporters. They should also keep such interactions “short“.

The new default way of greeting voters?

In the event where members of the public are seen flouting safe-distancing measures, political candidates and parties are urged to “disengage and leave the area”.

Election candidates have to wear masks, even when taking photos

Candidates should also have their masks on at all times, even when taking photos.

This should also be the case during recorded interviews and broadcasts if safe distancing is “difficult to maintain”.

They are, however, allowed to remove their masks if they are speaking at venues where safe distancing measures are in place and if they can keep a 1-metre distance from other individuals.

Shouldn’t let our guard down, even during elections

As Covid-19 remains a threat in our country, Singaporeans should definitely not let their guards down, even during GE2020.

Even though we won’t be able to attend physical rallies this year, virtual ones ain’t all that bad too — at least we’ll be able to watch them from the comfort of our homes.

Hopefully, the virus will be gone by the following GE, so Singaporeans can go about their conventional election tings once again.

Featured image adapted from Facebook