M’sia Employer Allegedly Asks Staff To Enable “Last Seen” On WhatsApp To Ensure Everyone Reads Message

Even as we continue working from home (WFH) amid the pandemic, work-life balance remains a goal we strive towards.

Perhaps this is why an employer in Malaysia went viral after allegedly asking employees to enable the “last seen” and “read receipt” functions on WhatsApp.


This incident has since sparked an online debate among netizens who either think it’s a reasonable request or that it’s an invasion of employees’ privacy.

Employer wants to ensure messages are read

In the Malaysia-based Facebook group 暴走員工 Boom Go Employee, a netizen shared a message from their boss on Monday (22 Feb).

Apparently, the employer had asked everyone in the group chat to enable their “last seen” and “read receipt” functions on their WhatsApp Messenger.

Yes, this means “blue ticks” in individual chats will be visible too.

For illustration purposes

According to the messages, this is an attempt on the employer’s part to ensure everyone reads the messages.

Netizens debate about privacy concerns

Netizens’ reactions to the employer’s behaviour were mixed, as some empathised with the rationale while others found it absurd.

One, for example, finds it reasonable as the employer does have to ensure important messages get across.


However, many pointed out that acknowledgement can come in other forms too, such as a simple “noted” or “ok”.


Others echo this sentiment by suggesting another mobile application, like Workplace that’s designated specially for work-related matters.


This way, WhatsApp can remain personal and private.

Keep work-life balance in check

Whether it constitutes an invasion of privacy is a matter of debate. However, the boundary between personal and professional life can sometimes be hard to maintain.

We hope that as much as we give our best at work, a healthy work-life balance continues to be a goal we strive towards.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Unsplash.