ION Orchard Bar Has Tall Glass Ceilings With Majestic View Of The Clouds That Will Impress Bae

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FLNT At ION Orchard Has Spectacular Views Of City Area

Singapore is well-known for its stunning views and much of the time, we get to see them through high-rise buildings that dot the central area.

One of these buildings, ION Orchard, is located in the heart of the city, and at 56 stories is suitably high to enjoy a view of Singapore

While you’re at it, one might as well partake in some cocktails and tuck into cuisine that’s unique in Singapore.

That’s the concept of FLNT, a bar restaurant located at the top of ION Orchard.


The fancy bar’s greatest asset is perhaps its rooftop location and clear windows to gaze out into our beautiful skyline, especially at night.

FLNT at ION Orchard is a rooftop bar with Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine

Located in ION Orchard’s 55th and 56th storeys, FLNT at 1-Atico is one of 3 ‘social experiences’ at the sprawling 2-storey establishment.


The window-side tables should be where those who enjoy the skyline with your companion’s company want to sit at.

Even during the day, you get plenty of natural light thanks to the specially-designed windows.


The architecture is no less stunning, with wooden cabinets adding to the atmosphere of a relaxed yet refined venue.


Food prepared with Peruvian ingredients and Japanese techniques

The bar specialises in sumiyaki cuisine — a traditional Japanese cooking method using grill charcoal, but with a Peruvian flair.

The food pictures, taken by @saltyaaron on Instagram, showcase the restaurant’s offerings of grilled delights with Peruvian ingredients.


While you’d normally expect eye-watering prices for such an atas location, the cost surprisingly shouldn’t make your wallet cry out.

So not a weekly dining spot, but perhaps one for important moments in your life.


FLNT also offers a selection of wine, sake, and special cocktails. You can view each of the menus here.

Nestled on top of ION Orchard

The bar is right on top of ION Orchard, which makes it accessible enough for those taking public transport but perhaps a little more challenging for those who drive.


FLNT at 1-Atico
Address: 2 Orchard Turn, Level 55 & 56, Singapore 238801
Opening hours: 12-2pm (lunch), 6-10:30pm (dinner)
Contact details: +656970 2037, WhatsApp: +658028 1489
Nearest MRT station: Orchard

If you fancy stunning views with equally-stunning food and cocktails, then your next anniversary or special occasion might just be at FLNT.

And while you’re at it, perhaps you can visit the other establishments under the same umbrella.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram.

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