Genting Highlands Indoor Theme Park Opens On 8 Dec & Spans 4 Storeys

Genting Highlands Now Boasts Massive Indoor Theme Park

Hey 90’s kids, do you remember First World Indoor Theme Park in Genting Highlands?


If your family likes to make frequent trips to Malaysia for holiday, chances are you might have visited this theme park at First World Plaza before.

And you might even recall sitting on a roller coaster that goes around the shopping mall.


If the visuals make you want to revisit your childhood, we’re sorry to say that First World Indoor Theme Park is no more.

But hold those tears, because it has been replaced with a new and improved version called SkyTropolis that will open on Saturday (8 Dec).


Theme park operator Resorts World Genting hasn’t released any official pictures, but the ones circulating on social media have got us psyched.

Massive 4-storey attraction

It’s rumoured that SkyTropolis will span across four storeys in the mall.

This literally means that some of the larger rides will be massive. Look at this indoor ferris wheel that’s impossible to miss.


And that’s only what you’ll see by the entrance of the theme park. There’s a lot more in store and this is what you can expect.

24 rides and attractions

Those who get nauseous easily be warned because most of the rides here spin around.

The Dragon Frenzy 360 will not only spin you around in your seats but also swing you 360 degrees upside down.


We’re not sure where the dragon in the ride is but your guts will definitely be in a frenzy after being twirled around in two different directions.


If you want to dial it down a bit, you can try the Space Cadet, where you sit in little space rockets that spin up and down a central pole.


It may not be Star Wars level cool, but at least you can experience the rush of zooming around in your own spaceship.

We don’t know what this ride does. What looks like random ride seats in a small circle may appear harmless but we won’t be surprised if it starts turning in high-speed loops.


The handles must be there for a reason, so hang on tight.

Kid-friendly rides

Parents, don’t worry if you’re afraid that your kids won’t be able to handle rotating at fast speeds. There are milder rides for them too.

This carousel promises to live up to your expectations and more. It appears to have stairs that lead to an upper deck, so you can perch on a pretty pony for a better view of your surroundings.


Anything with double layers means an added serving of something good, so get your extra helping of the vibrant carnival atmosphere on this two-storey merry-go-round.

Let your kids experience the nostalgia of riding on a steam engine train on Copper Express as it takes them around a mini field complete with fake grass and trees.


Fun for the whole family

Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or a breezy fun time with your family, SkyTropolis is the one-stop destination for the young and the young at heart.

And the best thing is, it’s inside a mall, so you can do all your shopping and eating there. Yup, we didn’t forget about you, mum.

Ticket prices haven’t been released yet but with the exchange rate, we doubt you’ll have much to worry about it.

Be sure to include SkyTropolis in your itinerary when you plan your family vacation to Genting Highlands!

Location: First World Hotel & Plaza, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia
Opening hours: 10am-12am
How to get there: WTS travel provides coaches directly from Singapore. Pick-up locations include Tampines, Sengkang, Bedok, Ang Mo Kio, Sembawang and Woodlands.

Featured image from Facebook and Instagram.

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