Giant Has $1 Abalone At IMM & Bishan For Wholesome Chinese New Year Dinners

Abalone is a precious ingredient in atas Chinese cuisine like Buddha Jumps Over The Wall and pen cai — so much so they’re often touted as dishes fit for an emperor.

It’s true, as abalone made up a significant portion of imperial dishes, served to royal families residing in the palace in the days of yore.

Times have changed since. Nowadays, you can get abalone at discounted rates during festive seasons. For example, Giant is selling abalone at a heavily slashed price of $1.


Now’s the chance for super economical families to take advantage of the promo, so they can dine like royalty during Chinese New Year dinners.

$1 abalone at IMM Giant

According to the post in 走,新加坡 (Go, Singapore) Facebook group, someone spotted abalone on sale at $1 per piece at the IMM Giant outlet.


After getting her hands on 9 pieces, she whipped up a lip-smacking plate of
steamed abalone with vermicelli and garlic.


She also noted that the abalone didn’t shrink after they were thawed.

$1 offer also available in Bishan

Asked if the offer was exclusively available at the IMM outlet, the OP said she didn’t think so, as her friend in Bishan could also shop for the same deal.

True enough, people were rushing to buy abalone at the Bishan Street 13 outlet too. Though according to the salesperson as of 12.12pm on Sunday (24 Jan), they’re only left with a box.

So if you’re interested, you’d better hurry.

In the meantime, the outlet is also having a promo for prawns, as they are selling for $1.50/100g.

Easy abalone recipes

If you’re wondering what to do with the abalone you just snagged, check out 3 easy Chinese New Year recipes here.

Our colleagues at Eatbook will teach you how to make the most out of this treasured seafood, like abalone pao fan and abalone in winter melon ring.

If you’re looking to emulate what the OP has done, you can find out how to steam abalone by following the recipe below.

Once you’ve mastered these recipes, we trust your uncles and aunts will be impressed, since they too can feast like royalty in your home.

Don’t forget to stay safe & vigilant during CNY

It’s difficult to say no to affordable seafood. After all, this is your chance to enjoy regal, wholesome meals with the fam during CNY.

As we look forward to reunions next month, do remember to follow the new Covid-19 rules from 26 Jan, so you can stay safe and vigilant together in a pandemic.

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Have you spotted the $1 abalone promo at other Giant outlets? Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and by MS News.