Polish Eggs & Saudi Shrimp In Our Menus As Singapore Looks Further For Food

In his national address on Sunday (7 Jun), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong mentioned that Singapore are looking further for food imports due to supply chain disruptions worldwide.

Far enough that we’re looking towards East Europe and the Middle East for eggs and shrimp, respectively.


Cue a pregnant pause as PM Lee slyly allows Singaporeans to take that information in.

Singapore diversified food supplies due to Covid-19

In his speech, PM Lee mentioned the need to adapt and look for new channels as the world reels from the Covid-19 pandemic.

As Singapore is reliant on international trade, some avenues are blocked as supplies run low and supply chain disruptions pervade the globe.

Malaysia’s lockdown affected food supply to an extent, but Singapore has prepared for such an eventuality, and we now have eggs from as far as Poland.


Meeting challenges post-Covid with Polish eggs

Because Singapore is “well-placed” to adapt to new channels, we never had the issue of food supplies running low despite the pandemic.

We also have more resilient and alternative supply chains to draw from as well.

But this is just one of many challenges that Singapore faces after Covid-19. Unless we adapt well to all of them, more lives may be put at stake.

For now, however, who knows how diverse our plates of Hokkien mee will be?

Featured image adapted from Facebook, Favping, Cleanpng, and Clipart PNG.