Jewel Changi Airport Water & Flood In Viral Videos Were Caused By Sprinkler Issue

Jewel Changi Airport Opens Officially On 17 Apr

UPDATE (14 Apr): Jewel Changi Airport confirmed that the leak was indeed in the new mall and clarified the matter,

There was a sprinkler issue in Jewel yesterday afternoon (13 Apr) which caused water leakage in the Terminal 1 Arrival Hall. An unoccupied tenant unit in Jewel was also affected. The issue was quickly attended to and resolved with minimal impact to operations.  

Jewel Changi Airport recently opened its doors for early preview ticket holders, and one of its most popular attractions is undoubtedly the Rain Vortex — the world’s largest indoor waterfall which looks straight out of the Avatar movie.

But the Rain Vortex wasn’t the only water feature that some visitors saw at the preview.

On Saturday (13 Apr), 2 videos of an alleged water leak at the new mall made rounds online.

Here‘s the first clip showing the water leak:


And here‘s the second, which showed what seems like the aftermath of the leak:


“2nd waterfall”

At the beginning of the first video, water can be seen trickling down from the ceiling at a shopping mall exit.


While we cannot confirm the exact location where the video was taken, the title of the video, “Waterfall at Jewel Airport” suggest that it took place at the hottest mall in town.

The water leak attracted the attention of passers-by. Several even paused to take pictures on their phones.

At the 21-sec mark of the video, 2 men, presumably from the maintenance crew discovers the leak and rushes off immediately in seek of help.


Just as the pair departs the scene, the water leak worsened and a stream of water was soon gushing from the ceiling.


The person behind the video even joked that the water leak was the “second waterfall”, hinting at the fact further reinforcing the fact that it took place at Jewel Changi Airport.

Later on, as the video pans out at the 40-sec mark, the footage showed that the leak took place next to an Urban Revivio outlet that is undergoing construction.


Turns out, an Urban Revivio outlet is slated to open soon at Jewel Changi Airport.


As the video comes to an end, a worker in yellow can be seen using a broom to try and contain the puddle that resulted from the leak.


The aftermath of the leak

In the second video, several workers can be seen cleaning up after a flood in an indoor venue.


Similar to the first video, the location of the video cannot be confirmed, but the video description claims that the clip was circulated on WhatsApp with a caption that suggests it took place at Jewel Changi Airport.

Coincidentally, the workers in this video were also dressed similarly to those in the previous video.

Given the similarities in the two videos, as well as their coincidental timing, the two may be linked.

Hope this will be fixed before the official opening!

A Jewel Changi Airport spokesperson issued a statement on Sunday (14 Apr) afternoon revealing that there was a sprinkler issue in the Jewel.

The sprinkler issue caused water leakage in the Terminal 1 Arrival Hall and affected an unoccupied tenant in the Jewel.

The Jewel spokesperson also revealed that the issue was rectified quickly with “minimal impact to operations”.

We are heartened by the swift response of those involved and hope such issues will be kept to a minimum in the future.

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