18 Jewel Changi Airport Shops That Make The Trip Across The Island Worth It

Jewel Changi Airport Has Free Preview From 11-16 Apr For All Singaporeans

It’s official — Jewel Changi Airport is opening its doors on 17 April.

But if you simply can’t wait till then for the official opening, they’re also having a free preview from 11 to 16 April.

Before we get into how you can sign up, here’s a list of the shops we’re extremely psyched about, including the usual suspects like Shake Shack and the Pokémon Centre.

We’re sure some of them on our list will make the trip across the island well worth it.

1. Shake Shack SG

Burger fans, brace yourselves. Shake Shack, the world-renowned burger chain is set to open its very first Singapore outlet at Jewel, offering their signature all-American fare. Our top picks are the ShackBurger, Shack-cago Dog and rich chocolate milkshakes.


In addition, they’ll also be trying to curate a uniquely Singaporean menu. Who knows, you might very well be one of the first to try a satay burger from Shake Shack during the preview.

2. A&W returns to Singapore

A&W broke the internet when they announced their return to Singapore, more than 10 years after leaving the scene back in 2003.


Singaporean ’90s kids, we’re sure you’ll be ecstatic to know that you can finally relive your childhood memories of the brand’s famous root beer float and onion rings once again.

3. Burger & Lobster

Well-travelled Singaporeans would be familiar with the London restaurant chain, which also has outlets in Genting and Bangkok.

Come April, Burger & Lobster will be opening their very first outlet right here in Singapore, at Jewel Changi Airport.


As their name suggests, their signature items include lobster rolls and burgers with Nebraskan beef patties — all at surprisingly affordable prices.

4. Pokémon Centre

Jewel Changi Airport will be home to the world’s first Pokémon Centre outside Japan, boasting a huge variety of Pokémon merchandise.


Pokémon Go players can officially evolve their virtual catches into plushie form. Or lay claim to a new hangout apart from VivoCity’s endless Magikarp or legendary raid hotspots.

5. Largest Nike store in SE Asia

Guilty from all the feasting? You can get yourself some new kicks and sportswear for that much-needed workout.


The Jewel will be housing Nike’s largest store in South-East Asia, so you can expect a wide variety of fitness gear to choose from, besides daily wear and sneakers.

6. Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer (M&S) is a welcome entry into the list — the outlet is expected to sell clothes, shoes and beauty products.


Given that it’s Jewel Changi Airport, perhaps we’ll see a larger range of food in their Food Hall.

We’re praying to the M&S gods that UK’s entire range of canned food & fresh produce will be carted along in a supermarket section, once Singapore’s Jewel Changi outlet opens.


MUJI is known for their ‘brandless’ good quality stationery, household items and basic apparel.


If you believe in seeking eco-friendly origins for everything that you buy, MUJI’s products are likely to catch your eye.

We hope that the minimalist cafe concept at MUJI Plaza Singapura will be replicated — Japanese coffee for under $5 anyone?

8. Zara

The fashionistas in your clique or family will be glad to know that many upscale retailers like Zara will be setting up shop in Jewel Changi too.


Zara’s collections will help you achieve runway looks at much cheaper price ranges. Browsing through a huge selection of collections for men, women and children alike, will definitely be a wonderful way to window shop when you’re in transit.

9. Uniqlo

Thanks to the sheer number of shops at the Jewel you may find yourself walking mindlessly into Uniqlo. The familiar “Welcome to Uniqlo!” might just knock you out of your daze, and into the world of Japanese casual wear.


In case you ever forget to prep some winter wear when travelling to temperate countries, you can now conveniently grab a downjacket or a pair of thermal pyjamas from Uniqlo before your flight.

10. Shaw Theatres with IMAX

Movie-goers who absolutely love the immersive IMAX experience, will definitely be elated to know there’s a legit cinema by Shaw Theatres there.


You don’t have to be bummed about having to travel during the release of Avengers: Endgame in April anymore. Now you can catch a quick movie at the theatre before scooting off on your private getaway with bae.

11. FairPrice Finest

Finally, FairPrice Finest will be the main hypermarket at Jewel Changi for all your grocery needs.


While it is unlikely that we’ll head down to the Jewel just to visit FairPrice – which has many outlets islandwide – it is still good to know that we’ll be able to drop by to get the last minute batteries or wet wipes you forgot to pack.

12. Naiise Iconic

You are sure to have come across Naiise at one point of your online shopping career. From chic furniture to classy electronic accessories, the options seem endless.


Shoppers can finally view all of Naiise’s products in the Jewel Changi. Even if the products don’t blow you away, the hipster-design of the shop definitely will.

13. Rich & Good Cake Shop

If you are looking for some cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth, Rich & Good Cake Shop should be at the top of your visit list.


Their specialty swiss rolls cater to everyone’s taste buds. From Singaporean favourites like Durian and kaya to fruit-flavoured ones like blueberry, you may be so spoilt for choice that you end up buying them all.

14. Foot Locker

People who love shoes will be happy to know that Footlocker will be opening an outlet at Jewel Changi when it opens.


The popular shoewear company provides shoes across all brands including Nike, Fila, and Adidas. There, you can find timeless archetypes like Stan Smiths and Nike Air Force.

15. Rip Curl

From colourful board shorts to water-proof, scratch-proof GPS watches, Ripcurl is every surfer dude’s dream store.


They are known for having high quality and durable clothing so if you happen to be in the area why not grab yourself a lasting piece of clothing.

16. Beauty In The Pot

Inspired by food for health, Beauty In The Pot promises rich flavours without compromising on health and beauty. In fact, their foods promote good health and lasting beauty.


They offer 6 different soup bases with the most alluring being their signature collagen broth. So don’t worry about going ham on the delicious broth as it will ultimately improve your complexion.

17. Bee Cheng Hiang

Even if it isn’t Chinese New Year, Ba Kua is a delicious snack for all occasions. Yes, even before you fly off to your next destination.


Whatever shape or taste of Ba Kua you want, Bee Cheng Hiang, the king of Ba Kua land, probably has an option that will satisfy you.

18. d’Good Cafe

d’Good Cafe isn’t like your typical hipster cafes. The cafe was founded by a Christian that received a calling from God to start a business to serve the community.


Yes, you heard us right. Their official website says that the owner had gone to Korea’s prayer mountain where “God gave him a blueprint to run a coffee business”. Though we can’t confirm it, the coffee sure looks d’Good.

Sneak peek from 11-16 Apr

If you want to be the first to have a glimpse of Jewel before the rest of Singapore, here’s your chance.

Members of the public are invited for a preview of the mega mall from Thursday (11 Apr) to Tuesday (16 Apr) in the second week of April.

Each session is held for 3 hours, occurring 4 times a day from 10am to 10pm.

You can register online here starting from 12 Mar, 6am. Fastest fingers first, as there are only a total of 500,000 tickets.

During the preview, you’ll get to visit the 4-storey Forest Valley with 2 walking trails, as well as a 40m Rain Vortex, which is the highest indoor waterfall in the world.

That said, do note that each person can only get up to 4 tickets so jio your guests wisely!

Getting to Jewel

Planning your trip down to Jewel Changi Airport but are unsure of the directions? Fret not, for here’s a useful summary of how you can get there.

Those who aren’t keen on splurging money on their Grab fare will be glad to know that we’ve got a handy guide for you to plan your public transport journey by bus.

But if you’d rather take the MRT instead, Changi Airport MRT is just a stone’s throw away from the airport, as its name suggests.

Alternatively, you can choose to drive there, and park at the Jewel Changi Airport carpark or any one of the other parking facilities at Terminals 2, 3 and 4.

You can also check out this link for more information on how to get there.

So may the clicking odds be in your favour as you register for the preview. You may just be one of the first to sneak a peek at the Orchard Road of the East.

Location: Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Boulevard, (S)819666

Article updated by Tze Chun Choi.
Featured image from Yahoo! Lifestyle and Shake Shack on Facebook.

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