MacRitchie Reservoir Rest Area Scattered With Trash, Visitors Urged Not To ‘Picnic’ Here

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MacRitchie Reservoir Visitors Urged To Be Responsible & Clean Up Own Trash

UPDATE (5 Aug, 5.36pm): NParks told MS News that the trash has already been cleared.

MacRitchie Reservoir is a great place for a brief escape back to nature. Usually, the famed Treetop Walk is the star of the show.

Unfortunately over the long weekend, a rest area within the reservoir called Petaling Hut is now in the limelight, no thanks to heaps of trash scattered around.


In a Facebook post on Saturday (1 Aug), a nature lover showed us what it was like when cleaners aren’t around to clean up rest areas within the reservoir.

MacRitchie Reservoir trash 3Source

He reminded everyone that MacRitchie Reservoir is a forest reserve, and that wild animals around could be affected by the debris.

MacRitchie Reservoir trash left behind by “large group of people”

The OP begins his post by saying that he spoke to the person stationed at the treetop bridge during Hari Raya this year, and learnt that a large group of people was there.

They were said to be having a party at the external park area the night before and left a “huge mess” behind.

Some of the trash comprised bottles of whiskey, mixers, and other debris.

MacRitchie Reservoir trash 2Source

He had to help the elderly cleaning lady clean up as “the mess was quite extensive”.

Picnic-goers in forest reserves face risk of getting attacked

The OP goes on to stress that MacRitchie Reservoir and Treetop Walk are part of a forest reserve, and that there are wild animals here.

Please do not bring your picnics here. You will very likely be attacked by wild animals such as monkeys and wildboars if they smell or see food.

If you would still like to bring food, do consider small pieces of chocolate or muesli bars instead of huge packs of food.

And if the bin is full, the OP minces no words and says,

Carry your f**king trash out. Don’t be an asshole, and don’t f**king smoke in the forest.

Human mess affect animals too, and he urged visitors not to feed them with food.

Other kind Samaritans stayed back to clear trash too

Another piece of advice from the OP: Opt for reusable towels to clean mud and sweat, otherwise, do consider not visiting the forest instead.

I just cleared at least 30 pieces of wet tissue and tissue paper from a 300m section of trail, only to see this sight at the hut.

Picture in reference.

MacRitchie Reservoir trashSource

He added that other kind Samaritans had also spent time to clear rubbish from the trails.

Trash has been cleared

National Parks Board (NParks) conservation group director Dr Adrian Loo told MS News on 5 Aug that the trash has been cleared.

He reminded visitors to take their trash with them out of the forest reserve, and to be considerate of others while enjoying our parks, gardens, and nature areas.

Visitors can do their part by adhering to the regulations and signage, as well as encouraging others to act responsibly.

Leave no trash behind

Every year, money is channelled towards protecting forest reserves in Singapore. But there’s only so much the government can do without help from its people.

It’s 2020, and it’s truly disappointing to see that there are still people who aren’t environmentally conscious enough to take care of nature.

We should all do our part and clean up after ourselves. If you don’t like cleaning someone else’s mess, why would you leave your own mess behind for others?

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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