Sad Singaporean Woman Receives Touching Note Upon Receiving McDonald’s Happy Meal

Sometimes we’re so swamped with work that there’s literally no time to leave the office, even to have a lunch break.

So we order in instead. Perhaps this bleak situation may be familiar to some of our readers.

An MS News reader who decided to order in for lunch on 8 Nov (Friday) was clearly feeling the end-of-week stress and so left a request for the delivery:

The message reads “tomato sauce and can you please write me a joke I’m feeling sad today :(“

Turns out she got more than what she asked for.

Kind McDonald’s staff leaves touching note

The MS News reader shares that she had no time to go out for lunch due to looming deadlines, and decided to order McDonald’s instead.

Probably because they have Happy Meals.


While making the order, she wondered if perhaps a joke would make the day a little more bearable, hence the request.

When the delivery arrived, this message was attached to the food.

The message at the bottom left reads:

Don’t be sad. God loves you. Have a wonderful today


Kudos for the message, even if it wasn’t as requested

Even though the reader did not receive her joke, the touching message served as a small bright spark amidst a gloomy Friday mid-day.

And yes, she shares that she did receive her additional packets of tomato sauce, and that the message “made her day”.

We’re unsure as to whether it was the rider or staff at McDonald’s who crafted the message, but one thing’s for sure: Someone’s day became a little better thanks to a small note that went a long way.

Singaporeans are renowned for their steely demeanor, but notes like this will have definitely changed our perspectives of service staff.

All images contributed by an MS News reader.