22-Year-Old M’sian Medical Student Diagnosed With Stage 3 Lung Cancer, He Does Not Smoke

Malaysian Medical Student Shares Journey Living With Stage 3 Lung Cancer On TikTok

A 22-year-old medical student in Malaysia shared on social media his diagnosis of stage three lung cancer.

Muhamad Haziman Abg Ali, who studies at University Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Sungai Buloh, said he began having fever and chest pain in December.

However, the doctor thought his X-ray looked strange, and they ran further tests — eventually confirming his diagnosis.

Source: @jimanj0 on TikTok

“My life felt destroyed,” he told Malay news site mStar. He also shared that he does not smoke, making the diagnosis even more of a surprise.

Regardless, Haziman said he is focused on recovery and hopes to return to school and eventually become a doctor.

Medical student gets lung cancer diagnosis after falling sick

Haziman shared that he was healthy prior to his diagnosis.

Source: @jimanj0 on TikTok

However, his stage three cancer diagnosis has changed many aspects of his life.

Source: @jimanj0 on TikTok

Haziman has gone for two chemotherapy cycles and will continue treatment in the future, he told mStar.

Source: @jimanj0 on TikTok

Haziman said within two to three days following the chemo sessions, he’d start feeling unwell and tired. Symptoms included stomachache and vomiting.

But he can live his life as usual afterwards, and will go out and play sports like badminton.

“The doctor also suggested I go out and participate in activities so as not to stress out,” he said.

Apparently, the doctor will decide the next step for Haziman after the third chemotherapy session, which might include surgery.

“So far, I have not had surgery as the cancer cells are too close to the heart,” he said.

Misses being on campus with his friends

Regardless, Haziman is looking forward to returning to campus upon his recovery.

“When I found out I had cancer, I took time off and was advised by my doctor to do so, but to be honest, I missed being on campus and taking classes with my friends,” he said.

He’s been on leave for two months, and while his friends are on campus, he’s sitting at home alone. As such, he hopes to get well and finish his studies.

“I aspire to be a doctor,” the medical student shared. “After seeing many people diagnosed with cancer, I was inspired to become an oncologist to help others.”

Unlike previous years, Haziman isn’t as excited for the upcoming Ramadan and Hari Raya holidays this time as he might have to go for more chemotherapy sessions during the festivities.

Encouragement on TikTok gives Haziman hope

Haziman has been documenting his journey living with cancer on TikTok, and his clips have undoubtedly grown popular.

Source: @jimanj0 on TikTok

“I’m moved that [people online] were willing to pray [for me],” he told mStar. The encouragement and prayers helped to keep him going as well.

Haziman had only intended to share his journey on TikTok as a memory, but the overwhelming response gave him hope.

“In many people’s prayers, maybe some will be answered. Other than that, I want to create awareness that young people can fall ill [too].”

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Featured image adapted from @jimanj0 on TikTok.

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