Metro’s Massive Online Sale Lasts Till 30 Jun, Tell Your Mums & Aunties To Standby

Metro Online Sale Has Up To 75% Off Kitchenware, Toys & Shoes Till 30 Jun

Nothing makes every head of the household happier than a well-stocked kitchen with a trusty array of pots & pans. But if your family’s home ‘restaurant’ is due for an upgrade, we have awesome news for you.

Metro’s massive online sale till 30 Jun will offer up to 75% off hundreds of items & brands — from toys to footwear, home appliances, kitchenware & electronics.

Metro online saleImage courtesy of Metro

We’ve summoned our inner ‘auntie’ to scour the full Metro catalogue for the best deals, so your homes can get the long-awaited overhaul they deserve.

Metro online sale has half-priced Happycall pans & Tefal woks

Some may think three’s a crowd, but most Asian mums will tell you that’s never the case when it’s about her proud pan collection.

Metro online saleMeyer Pans (Triple Set) – $38 (UP: $89)

This trio of Meyer pans will be a fine addition to the arsenal of cooking equipment, at more than 50% off its original price.

Local food connoisseurs often wax lyrical about wok hei — the charred aroma that wafts out of our favourite hawker stalls. Well, we can’t replicate wok hei at home without a solid wok.

Metro online saleTEFAL 28cm Wok Pan (Black Mosiac) – $49.90 (UP: $79.90)

TEFAL’s famous red ‘thermo spot’ helps you gauge the temperature as you stir-fry your way into the hearts & stomachs of your loved ones.

Capable homecooks & Circuit Bakers among us can attest to the satisfaction of a weighted ceramic pan — with an evenly heated non-stick surface to reduce cleanup time.

Metro online saleHAPPYCALL Ceramic Double Pan – $63 (UP: $170)

Happycall pans are favoured for browning or searing both sides of meat evenly, and in Metro’s sale — yours at a steal for $63.

Blenders, rice cookers & toaster ovens for hearty meals

Can’t get enough of acai smoothies or the detox value of 100% freshly squeezed spinach juice?

Metro online salePhilips Blender (1.5L) – $45 (UP: $59)

If a sambal-smeared mortar & pestle is all you have at home, consider Metro’s $45 Philips blender to help you get your daily vitamin fix.

Frozen pizzas are a great go-to teatime snack, but waiting 15 min for the main oven to pre-heat isn’t exactly very efficient.

Metro online saleMistral Oven (17L) – $49 (UP: $119)

Toaster ovens like Mistral’s $49 offering, however, do the job ASAP. It’s also a great way to heat up leftover fridge-cold chicken wings to a crisp, instead of a soggy finish in a microwave.

Rice, the staple meal that binds every dish together. The question now is how much rice is enough for an average Singaporean family.

Mayer Ceramic Rice Cooker (5 Cups) – $99.90 (UP: $239)

If you & your siblings wolf down bowls at a time, perhaps it’s time to get your mother a sleek futuristic Mayer rice cooker, for under $100.

Dabao containers & dishware from $49

The lucky – or unlucky few – headed back to office in Phase 2 may find themselves missing your loved one’s warm, homecooked meals.

Tiger Stainless Steel Lunch Box (1.7L) – $49 (UP: $98)

This 3-tiered slingable dabao container from Tiger will let you pack meals to save on lunch money, since work commute costs will be part of next month’s budget.

Most of us would recognise this blue cornflower design from a mile away, having had the same set of dishes imbued with fond memories of childhood dinners.

Corelle Dinner Set (10 pcs) – $69.90 (UP: $140)

For a set of 10 soup bowls & serving plates, Corelle’s lasting dishes are primed to become family ‘heirlooms’ of sorts and a vital part of every new homeowner’s kitchens.

70% off bedding, pillows & towels

Fresh linens aside, baths are probably ‘non-essential’ since we’re separated by the privacy of our WFH screens.

M. Maison Bath Towels x 2 – $15 (UP: $39.80)

Sprucing up for work again during Phase 2, could also mean it’s time to replace our holey, worn towels — M. Maison’s pair of bath towels go for $15.

A worthy investment to keep mum off your case in mending your old ones.

Most of our colleagues won’t know if we’ve been lying in bed all day, as long as our WFH laptop cameras are toggled off.

DOMUS Quilt Cover (Single-King) – $39.90-59.90 (UP: $99.90-139.90)

Due to extended bed time, it’s best to replace our stale bedsheets & comforters — these DOMUS quilt covers & bedding are on sale from $39.90 across all bed sizes.

You can browse this 31-page shopping catalogue for the full range of cosmetics, innerwear & toy deals.

Free home delivery for $150 spend at Metro online sale

You may be wondering how to transport an entire rice cooker on an MRT ride home while still maintaining social distance.

The good news is that you don’t have to.

Image courtesy of Metro

Metro will deliver everything you cart out straight to your doorstep for free — with $150 spent. Best to collate the entire fam’s orders before checking out to redeem this.

One last pro-tip is to sign up as a Metro member to enjoy $10 off $100 spent on your first order.

The promo code will be sent to you via email & will last for 2 weeks. More info on how to sign up is available here.

Happy mum & wife, happy life

Matriarchs running our households have tons of tasks to complete within the day, as they work hard to keep our toilets & kitchens sparkling clean.

We hope Metro’s massive sale will be a great time to offer your mothers, aunties & helpers – housedads & husbands too – a well-deserved equipment upgrade.

The mission at hand is crucial, to keep our mums & wives happy, for a fulfilling family life even as we exit Phase 1.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Metro.

Featured image courtesy of Metro.

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