Crowds Form In S’pore On Phase 2 Day 1 As People Can’t Wait To Shop Again

Crowds Form At Various Shops & Eateries As S’pore Enters Phase 2 Post ‘Circuit Breaker’

The likelihood of crowds forming at shops and food places as Phase 2 starts today (19 Jun) is undoubtedly high, as many are raring to go out again.

Sure enough, within hours of the day starting, photos circulating on social media showed just how big the crowds are.

Check out this line of people apparently queuing to enter a Daiso outlet.

The store resumed operations today, reopening the gates to $2 heaven for budget-hungry Singapore shoppers.

Many other places witnessed similar sights, a far cry from the desolation we’ve been used to for the past 2 months.

People queue to enter shops & dine at restaurants

Since safety precautions are still in place, some of these queues begin from as far out as the mall entrance.

Take this line outside Plaza Singapura for example:

Image courtesy of an MS News reader

Not all retail outlets have opened yet, so our best guess is that these were lunch time crowds as people hurried to get the sweet, sweet taste of outside food.

We’re sure 2 months of eating at home has sharpened many of our cooking and baking skills enough, but it’s about time we switched our palettes.

Apart from food, however, massive discounts at certain shops are also attracting shoppers. According to Singapore Uncensored, these folks are at Takashimaya Shopping Centre for the 50% off sales at LV and Versace.


The snaking queue went all the way out to the roadside, with many patiently waiting in the afternoon heat.

Image courtesy of an MS News reader

Looks like the office workers nearby are happy to find a quick escape for their lunch break.

Neighbourhood malls also see crowds as Phase 2 starts

For those who may still be apprehensive about venturing out, the neighbourhood malls may be an option to consider.

Though we can’t guarantee that they’ll be any emptier, like this photo of Compass One in Sengkang:


The crowd at NEX in Serangoon is no better, looking almost as busy as peak hour timings in the days before Covid-19.


Take safety precautions & only go out when necessary

We understand how exciting it must be to finally meet friends or lovers after months of being apart.

It’s crucial to remember, however, that the virus is still a threat, and safety precautions like wearing masks and maintaining a safe distance are still very important.

Considering the large crowds at malls and eateries, you might want to hold off on your plans, at least till the excitement subsides. These places will still be around for a long time after all, so you won’t really be missing out.

Featured image adapted from Twitter and Singapore Uncensored.

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