New viral trend in China shows coffee being made with spring onions

Coffee made with spring onions becomes popular in China

In recent years, there has been a wave of “speciality” coffee trends in mainland China, ranging from coffee-infused rice, oyster coffee, and soy sauce lattes, to Luckin Coffee’s sauce-flavoured latte.

Now, a new “scallion latte” has gained popularity online, sparking discussions on whether spring onion is a suitable ingredient and whether it would ruin the drink.

Netizens call it dark cuisine

As demonstrated in several viral videos, the drink is made by putting chopped spring onions at the bottom of a cup. The maker then adds ice cubes, pours in milk, adds coffee, and finishes by sprinkling chopped scallions on top as decoration.

Some netizens were amused, saying they never thought that they would some day have to specify that their coffee order had to come without onions, reports NOW News.

“Can everything be turned into a latte?” another netizen questioned.

Coffee made with spring onions

Source: Yahoo新聞

According to Enanyang, there have been “dark cuisine” trends going on in China. Dark cuisine, or hei an liao li, loosely means food that puts one’s sensibilities to the test.

Typically, it comprises food combinations that are bizarre and challenge conventional notions of what is considered appealing food.

There’s Guangdong’s oyster coffee, Ningxia’s beef broth latte, Shanghai cafes’ coffee-infused rice, soy sauce lattes, century eggs added to coffees and more.

Some netizens commented that the essence of these speciality coffees lies in turning the classic combination of “milk + coffee” into a “combination-free” mode.

Coffee made with spring onions

Source: HK 01

Some impressed by its unique taste

According to Yahoo Taiwan, shops in China have started creating novel speciality drinks on social media for entertainment.

However; the unique taste of the speciality items could be a business opportunity, should people grow to like them.

Some readers say they found the scallion latte appealing, adding that they liked the unique taste.

However, others claim the drink made them lose their appetite.

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