Online Christmas Market Sells Shin Ramyun Stamps, Kaya Butter Toast Macarons & Skull Candles Till 12 Dec

Christmas Maker’s Market by FRANK Runs Till 12 Dec

Christmas markets in Europe usually mean a paper cup of hot wine in hand, the smell of cinnamon and gingerbread wafting through the crowd, assortments of handcrafted trinkets all lined up along artisans’ booths, and the gentle brush of snowflakes falling all around you.

We can’t have that in sunny Singapore, of course. But we can have the next best thing – an online Christmas bazaar with handcrafted skull candles, kombucha and kaya butter toast macarons for the intrepid foodies.

Intrigued? Maker’s Market by FRANK will be running from 3-12 Dec, so here’s the low down on a smattering of fascinating vendors we’ve spotted as part of their 60-strong line-up.

Kaya butter toast macarons & handcrafted kombucha

Our obsession with kaya-topped, charcoal-grilled, buttered toast, paired with soft-boiled eggs is ingrained deeply into the Singaporean psyche.

Enter Jaded Macarons, a self-styled “soul-food restaurant” that creates artisanal French macarons in intriguing flavours like Kaya Buttered Toast and good ole’ Kopi.

Image courtesy of Jaded Macarons

From Ang Ku Kueh to White Rabbit Candy, it’s probably nigh impossible to actually get jaded with the full range of local flavours available on their website.

Maker’s Market by FRANKImage courtesy of Jaded Macarons

Of course, not all of us may be imbued with a sweet tooth, and that’s where this next vendor may be right up your alley.

PourABucha is a homegrown Kombucha brewery with handcrafted pints of beverages high in antioxidants and probiotics.

For the uninitiated, kombucha is derived from the fermentation of black or green tea to create a fizzy beverage that’s touted to help improve digestion and strengthen one’s immune system.

Maker’s Market by FRANKSource

We spotted flavours like the fragrant white tea-based Pear-adise, with subtle notes of pears and sweet spices, and Cranberry Orange Rosemary, a tart and tangy beverage, which pairs well with roast chicken.


As for those who want an alternative to red wine, Toast To Me was apparently created to replicate the exact taste of wine. Perfect for those who need an alcohol-free option during festive toasts.

Handmade Shin Ramen & food stamps

Food stamps may have other connotations elsewhere in the world, but closer to home, Drool Stamps offers a wide range of hand-carved rubber stamps that make pretty realistic imprints of snacks we know and love.

Maker’s Market by FRANKSource

We were particularly impressed with this rendition of Shin Ramyun, with mushrooms, veggies and the signature orange soup to boot.


You may also recognise the iconic prawn fronting Calbee’s pack of crackers, replicated down to each minute detail by artist Rachel Ma.


If your handwriting is as legible as this writer’s – who resorts to typing to be understood on the page – consider getting a custom Christmas-themed stamp for your gift tags.

NGL, the snowman design featuring the ‘Hope Is Near’ message may be exactly what we need to hear as we round out 2021.

Taxidermy butterflies & skull-shaped candles

The art of taxidermy isn’t exactly commonly associated with the notion of beauty, but the folks at Black Crow Taxidermy & Art know the field all too well.

Named ‘Ulysses Butterfly’ – this electric blue pair of butterflies crowning a small pot of dried flowers will make for an elaborate countertop set-piece on your side table in the dining room.

Maker’s Market by FRANKSource

We’d also consider this scarlet Red Glider butterfly in a glass dome for a striking gift on the mantle of your household.


When we speak of scented candles, it’s quite unlikely that any of us would conjure up the image of a crystal skull. No, not the one from the Indiana Jones movie that should never have been made.

Maker’s Market by FRANKSource

We’re talking about this crystal skull candle from CONSPICUOUS – made from 100% hand-poured beeswax and pure essential oils. We honestly wonder how it smells. Guess you’ll have to buy it to find out.

Maker’s Market by FRANKSource

For their Christmas range, they’ve got Cresent Calm—an intoxicating blend of lily and neroli, sourced from the blossoms of bitter orange trees.

CONSPICUOUS also seems to be committed to running a sustainable business, assuring customers that their products are vegetarian, eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

Maker’s Market by FRANK runs till 12 Dec with $50 promo codes daily

If you’ve stayed with us this far, you’re probably wondering how to click ‘add to cart’ on these gifts.

Well, the virtual Maker’s Market by FRANK runs from 3-12 Dec – a little over a week – so you’ll have time to get crackin’ on checking off that Christmas gift list.

Maker’s Market by FRANKLook out for this gorgeous paper crafted Christmas village by @captainlulo
Image courtesy of FRANK by OCBC

Do try your hand at ‘Spin the Wheel’ or ‘Word Search’ challenges on the website daily. Prizes include $50 promo codes, which you can use to offset purchases from the market.

New users who sign up for FRANK cards – debit or credit – will get an extra $5 off their marketplace hauls on top of sign-up bonuses.

Those already familiar with FRANK Debit or Credit cards can enjoy up to $80 cashback, on top of regular cashback for purchases in Dec 2021. Do note that terms & conditions apply, but you can register your interest here.

P.S. We hear that there’ll also be 12 days of – not Christmas – but curated workshops from 13-24 Dec – OCBC and FRANK customers get 30% off workshop fees, but do visit the FRANK Makers Market website, Instagram or Facebook for the full deets.

Supporting local makers & bringing cheer to a community

Running a homegrown business by hawking your crafts in the midst of a recovering economy isn’t an easy path to choose.

We give props to these local makers for banding together to bring a little cheer to a community that needs a reason to smile as an eventful 2021 draws to a close.

Though our Christmas markets may not be able to beat those in Europe just yet, it sure beats not having a reason to celebrate at all.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with FRANK.

Featured image courtesy of Jaded Macarons, Drool Stamps & CONSPICUOUS.

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